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  1. Oh, I'm late, what a surprise. Nevertheless, I'm happy to see you guys continue on. Hope you are still making fun of Fanta.
  2. Wonderful. I see you didn't make the same mistake we did before. Don't mind the naysayers. Congratulations to the new members!
  3. A little less ROTMG would have helped us.
  4. Zomi... Kuja
  5. Sad to see you leave man.. :(

  6. Got no words man, gl in whatever you do. Peace out Randy. 

  7. Oh Randy, it's kinda sad to see ya leaving :(

    Good luck with your real life and Have a good time mate!

  8. you were by far one of the BEST leaders mta communities had, very passionated for the clan, very unexpected for me, best of luck man. I m curious to see how sixth sense will continue without a leader like you. Adios!

    1. Pablow


      ´what happened


    2. ImpacT


      he retired i guess

  9. You are representing Turkey, and now sixth sense haven't an a good repres from Turkey. 

    Sad to see you're leaving

  10. Have a good one man, sad to see you're leaving.

    1. Randy


      Appreciate it Guy!

  11. .

    Merhaba @ValenS, ilgin için teşekkürler. Maalesef ihtiyacımız olan sorulara verdiğin cevaplar yetersiz, cevaplarında kullandığın İngilizce de vasat. İstersen kendini biraz daha geliştirdiğinde tekrar deneyebilirsin, şimdilik konuyu kapatıyorum.
  12. Snowy the Reindeer
  13. Thank you for reporting him, he won't be able to post for a while.