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  1. 9 Would be perfect, but ok.
  2. You guys should let us add 1 more reserve, since you added 2 new game modes, It's hard to find players which can play a bit of every game mode.
  3. Welcome mate!
  4. There is a compilation of you farming kills. Evidence:
  5. Sorry but i can't understand, what do you mean with "min"
  6. I hope you guys are going to reset the stats of EVERYONE that been farming/bugging wins and kills in shooter, such as Easy, Marcola, Fox and much others.


  7. Nickname(s) of the player(s): Marcola Transgression(s): Farming wins/kills with friends, One time he even asked me to do "free" with him. Date and time: I don't know Evidence: Additional comments:
  8. Username: Pedrin Country: Brazil Gamemode: Shooter, Gladiators, Busted, Sprint, Catch, Destruction Derby, Race and Cinema Contacts (Skype/Discord): elPedr0n (skype)
  9. What maps will be played on the tournament?
  10. Team name & Tag - Legendary Instinct / LgnDary Contacts - Skype elpedr0n Team players / Country 1.Estoured 2. LuuKas 3. Froter 4. Seven 5. Krew Reserves - Pedrin - GaMG
  11. DM Siisti-C ClarK Boikot Divi Fano23 OS Deidara HangoveR Lucas Canky Divi HUNTER Siisti-C APs CresPro Divi St0pr0c3NT SHOOTER Pedrin Al_Capone Tobster ARB Pit'ko DD GaMG Josephie Lykan Ahmet JoinT
  12. Deadly Element - |DE| Players -Impressive -Sirio -Fano23 Reserves -Sora -Pedrin