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  1. Congratz to our new Trials
  2. Hey Bro
  3. Happy Birthday Harry :6:

    1. Zoilo


      Thank yoh Moldo :monkey:

    2. Mr.Hack


      Happy Birthday enjoy ur day

  4. Sixth Sense for 2 years now? Those were the best 2 years I had in MTA. We will see how much the future will bring to 6s. But for sure its gonna be a great time for the rest of this year.
  5. Final Score (|6s - [MAD]): 73-67 MVP: Zoilo
  6. Nice Intro / Record and also a great Map
  7. Interessant style. Not the style I like but still, it doesn't look bad.
  8. Great map and also a great record
  9. Congratz to all new trials. Nice to see you back here @Nano and @Master
  10. Impressive. Keep it up.
  11. The map looks really cool. Also a great record.
  12. Lovely map and a great record by you @SuhaibZ.
  13. Goodbye bro. Take care.