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  1. Happy birthday @ZoeNa and @#Lightning~ ♡
  2. Amazing map Skills.exe
  3. Happy Birthay @Cyanide @Flip @Miketz and @Spotlight
  4. Goosebumps... No comment... AMAZING! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  5. Username: Avi# Country: Serbia Gamemode: DM OS, Shooter, Catch Contacts (Skype/Discord): iamavisandzak
  6. Ask nGear on PM, he can help you.
  7. YOUTUBERADIO Hi, I have an idea for you today. Some know it, there is almost every popular server radio where you can Request any song Global radio for 10.000$ or 20.000$ , but the sad thing is that there are not any song that you want. For a YouTube Radio it's possible. If Sixth Sense had YouTube Radio, there would be for each player a chill day where you don't need to run Google Chrome or Mozilla on the backround . It is also better for players who do not have a good PC. It would be nice if the 6s community would accept that As it comes to YouTube Radio. The radio is indeed most often used in the game. The radio might be one of the most popular ideas in the game. The radio will also determine the admin like and the player also. I want to introduce also rules for this radio: The YouTube Radio: All can hear your songs Racist song are Removed in Radio Songs with 10min is Skipped Pressing F7 to open YouTube Radio Upward of YouTube Radio Panel: Favorite, For later listen. The YouTube Radio is better than the normal radio stations where there are only songs that the Admin inserts. Thank you that you read my idea and I hope that you accept this. Thanks for reading, best greets your Avi!
  8. Nice map GJ!
  9. [DM] Boost ft. P4W3L ft. AbodyRulez - Reflection of Perfection
  10. 1.Dragonball Z 2.Detective Conan 3.Avatar 4.Kickers 5.Digimon
  11. Good luck with the map!
  12. Time heals no wounds, you get used to only to the pain!