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  1. Simply awesome. Fits perfectly.
  2. Holy shit this is nice, You two will make great leaders (btw red looks sexy)
  3. Without @LarSoWiTsH none of this would ever happen
  4. Amazing news.
  5. xDDDDDD nice I think I remember when you've been teaching me to pass that backward thing on your map like a year ago or so (on tmk server xD)
  6. This is really amazing and wonderfully scripted @Qualiti you da real MVP
  7. 38 https://imgur.com/YU65q0k
  8. Congratulations guys! You will have a great time in this clan
  9. Yaay
  10. Congratulations on copying. You must be very proud of yourself.
  11. Good job. Simple or not, it's your choice. To me it looks fine, and the fact that it looks so simple is fine imo. However since this is a clan war script some people might wanna know which people in a team are alive, and which are not so it would be cool to add that feature (if you're new to scripting, by trying to do this you can actually expand your scripting knowledge ). You got a concept there, now if you're a scripter, the next step is to try to script it so that it works automatically in-game (you'll feel cool after finishing it, and people will appreciate your work ).
  13. Many people believe that this is not possible to do in MTA, but in fact this is very possible. I believe the frames could be exported to image formats such as JPG, PNG, BMP, etc, then the images could be converted into a video format (mp4 for instance) by using some web API and then it's done. However, there are a couple of problems with this: 1) Process of rendering frames to images, and images to a video format will be pretty slow, and the longer the replay is, the longer it will take to complete the process. 2) Quality of video - Since most probably the HD version of the video would be too much in size, it would be compressed by API to save space 3) API Limits(?) Making this idea into reality would for sure be a challenge, and it might work and it might not, I don't know for certain, but at least I have an idea how to do it. I'll try making this by myself as a challenge when I get the time to do so to see if it would work and how much performance it would take in process, but I can't promise anything, nor can I promise even if I manage to do this that it'll be in server.
  14. Happy Birthday!!!!
  15. I don't really know how is it with laptops, but you should have drivers on DVDs which you should have got when you bought the laptop itself, and you can use it to install the drivers. Also, you could try (even if you installed drivers over DVD) to check your computer specifications (like graphics card: amd model xxxx) and then visit the manufacturer's website and look for drivers, there you'll find them