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  1. Quests and achievements would be SICK, nice ideas overall.
  2. Welcome and see you around!
  3. Welcome!
  4. Gratz boys!
  5. Bumping cause I like this thread and why the fuck not
  6. Here my literal potato of a PC
  7. Really enjoyed your v1 and v2, this doesn't seem to be an exception. Amazing job!
  8. Thanks a lot for giving me this opportunity, I look forward to a lot of fun and hope I can contribute as much as possible! Congratulations to the other guys as well!
  9. Dope!
  10. Pictures look a little out of focus but still looking nice, good job!
  11. What's your name, nickname(s), age and location: My name is Sebastian, hence my nickname Sebi. I'm currently 19 years old and I'm living in Munich, Germany. What are the most significant parts of your MTA career: ffs #1 – One of the first and most significant parts took place on ffs in another gamemode you may know. I’ve had undoubtedly my very best time there, met friends I still talk to nowadays and had fun like never after in MTA. I’ve gained some experience in leading a “clan” (Rs//) and it was a great time overall. Eventually it all went downhill and I somehow started playing DM in around 2014. I’ve tried joining ffs more or less for a year and ultimately managed to join. It was an amazing experience, I learned how to administrate properly, met cool people on the way and a lot more. For reasons known to older members here I left after around 7 months. SoR! – I was invited by Azula here and I liked the idea of being part of something new (new project, not clan in the case of SoR). Even though my stay was rather short, I still enjoyed my time a lot there. Once again I met new faces and it was a whole other experience since I only played and was active on ffs before, I really appreciate my time being there. ffs #2 – After SoR!, I got convinced to give ffs another try so I ended up writing another join request there. I got accepted with some friends and even though there were some ups and downs over time it was a lot better than my first stay if I may say so. Unfortunately nothing changed at all, I didn't agree with most of the leadership decisions and other things hidden from public which lead to me taking distance from them. EOS / UC – I met most of my bros here, I probably wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for UC accepting me without a valid reason in 2014. People came and left, I met a variety of different guys and many I consider good friends. These days I'm leading EoS together with a bunch of other dudes. Have you been in any other clans - If yes, please list them: Rs// (Run Spirit) - 2013 - 2014 – Leader SoR! (Squad of Revolution) - 2015 - Global Moderator -ffs- (for fuck sake) - 2015 & 2016 - 2017 – Member There's another one I don’t think is worth mentioning since I was there years ago for a very short time (1 - 2 weeks). What are your expectations in Sixth Sense: Like often said already, I expect a well-organized team which can be fun to hang out with but when necessary can also be serious. Everyone's opinion should be taken into account and not ridiculed by any means and I mostly expect a pleasant and enjoyable atmosphere from the members and leaders. These are the most important points to me. How would you be useful to us: Well I'm not really experienced in scripting or have any other special abilities you are looking for, I guess I'm really good at administrating stuff and keeping things in order. I used to test maps a lot (especially in the somewhat unique arenas) and can imagine what could be good enough and what not for an arena. I like to think of myself as very eloquent (even though I'm probably not) when I get a goal in mind and could maybe write some stuff every now and then. Last but not least I got told that I'm best at just being a chill dude, so there's that. I can bring a nice atmosphere around the team and hope to get along with everyone. Something more to add: Got nothing else to say so here's Swalox convincing me to make a JR: On a serious note: If there are any questions left, contact me via PM or on Skype: MegaTrolldad. Even though I was lurking around a lot, i wasn't too active here but that will change now. Thanks for your attention and have a nice day!
  12. Sam LEL Gratz bois!