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  1. imo these kind of things couldn't be implemented if there are not interesting special prizes, the best way to execute something like this, is attracting ppl with a cool message and reward, I like the idea but seems kinda difficult to perform, anyways im up for it! breaking records? weekly events or something like that would be cool, anyways, wasn't this supposed to be in Ideas section?
  2. Qualiti, cause he always reply to my questions without acting arrogant GuilhermE, cus he's calm, funny and a good boy while talking on the chat
  3. I was so close to that first place on Deathmatch!! I hate u pablooooooooow!!! Gratz to everyone else, except for pablow:(
  4. I don't really care about him, but even if he doesnt know nothing about me, I met him some years ago in another community, and as they said, he was pretty toxic, maybe he changed, as most of the people does, but still, you won't get what they meant, because only people that knew him in the past are able to give that kind of opinion, @Reflex, they don't really care about the fact he joined 6s, what they really meant happened several years ago, anyways, as you said, everyone has their own thoughts, everyone is able to change or act of a different way with some people, you will never seem pleasing to every person in this world, however, I hope you the best of luck in your professional career, the effort is worth! Latinos are a big part of this MTA community, maybe some of them act childish, some others act arrogant, and some others are just funny mentally handicapped guys, but let me tell you that they are worth people, and I love to be latin, there will always be childish ppl over all regions of the world, same as lovely people.
  5. Text: Hadou Mood: Speed 3D Infernus crossing a vortex and finding a futuristic world? ofc im normal... or a Dinosaur running next to a infernus. Surprise me
  6. Yaaay! I did it! i knew it was a cinema, but didnt really noticed about the replay system, gonna look for the rest of hints.. But wow, these last 2 announcements are just freaking cool, you've just made an amazing job guys, im pretty sure you'll get a pretty cool server, this community is just building a pretty big castle and there are plenty of features to distract with, such thing that a pretty "famous" clan hasnt implemented to their community and that's what it makes itself a pretty bad monotone server, there's nothing innovative, but all of you just broke that wall that made all of us get bored and thinking about leave the game, sincerely, nice job.
  7. Was looking for the "hidden clues" but the only 2 weird things i found were this ones: and this: I don't know what the hell should that be, but i would like to figure out that the first image is any kind of cinema arena or something related to a lobby just like tg, but im still wondering what it would be... Looking forward to next sneak peek! Great job guys!
  8. Hey! Probably most of you might don't know me but after i didn't get enough players for my team, they already got one, so of that way, same as guil and the others, i'm looking for a team that could be interested on me or to fill your slots, i can guarantee that my dm/race skills are decent enough, so i'd like to get a place in this tournament because i think this way is less complicated. I'll try to keep practicing hunter. Thank you.
  9. Can't still get why did you get the first point after snowi killed ronnie, i noticed that you won that point because it was supposed that valentino made the backshoot, quite confusing that you changed the map instantly, probably because there weren't enough spectators, anyways good cw, even when you quoted that "for every cw an squad wins, the next match the team makes it looks as if it were difficult". Lemme know if i'm wrong. Anyways good job katsu! Cool quality, keep it 6s, expecting a lot more from you!
  10. As Royce said, i meant to add something with overall stats, as a feature, make a filter with tops/rank/points/maps information. Forducksake already has something similar, i would like to see a lot of new features, and royce already explained what i was about to reply. Keep it up! +Plus: as you may not be pretty interested, you haven't probably checked the link i provided, so here are some screenshots of how it works, also adding this section: and if i'm not wrong, that feature hasnt been added yet.
  11. I would suggest something even more cool, that not many communities have applied it on its own web-page. There was a server/clan called -]alw[- (Any Last Word?) And i was part of that clan for almost 3 years, we had a forum with all kind of stuff, sadly there wasnt too much support from developers, cause of getting inactive/leaving mta and other stuff, that clan was a really old one, even when they had 6 years of life, as the time had to come, we had to close the clan, because the sv lost all his players, anyways our scripts and features were pretty cool, so if you want take a look, you can visit our stats window: I don't have any intention of promote the forum, because i'm not longer part of that clan anymore, also because it has already died, i'm just posting this as a way to let you get this idea, and if you are interested, you can add this feature to this forum once you release your server. That feature was added to the forum many years ago, so it wouldn't be that hard, also if you want support, i can let you take help froum the guy who developed the web-page since the start of it. Also if you want see how it works, just let me know right below. Greetings.