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  1. Dope edit bud, loved the video transitions, and nice choice of song! When you record next time make sure u hide the chat (/showchat) as well as the radar to make it more appealing.
  2. y'all gave me a heart attack, by the title i thought 6s was coming to an end. I do not know eP but I hope yall make the best of your time!
  3. As of now, my remix is in the top 4. I'm truely speachless. Thanks to each one of you for your support
  4. @Natsuki thank you!
  5. @VarieN thanks a lot for your feedback!
  6. @Ab3dY thanks bud!
  7. @NoMercY @Mr.Hack Thank you guys! I appreciate it @Pablow Since you like it so much I will be sending you a PM with a dl link
  8. I don't play on the server simply because @FanTa abuses his admin powers
  9. Hey bros, it's been a while. I've been busy lately working on a remix for a contest. It would mean a lot if you could simply listen to it. Giving it a like would greatly be appreciated, thank you! Click Me! (Remix Contest)
  10. Whaaaaat, you were the last person I thought would leave MTA. Well, I'm glad to hear that you're moving forward and do you at all times! It's been nice no-lifing shooter eh. Speaking from experience, leaving mta will truly benefit you in the future.
  11. It's unfortunate to see you leave bud, hope you will visit back sometimes!
  12. This is incredible, wonderful job 6s! Looking forward to the launch date!
  13. Username: Goldy Country: Canada Gamemode: Shooter, Deathmatch, Catch Contacts (Skype/Discord): Goldy#6155
  14. I'm not impressed, where is the dj panel? This is absolutely amazing regardless of its being at its developing stage, I'd prefer it over FFS user panel anytime. This community has done a lot to reach this point of success and I'd like to thank the hardworking coders, designers, recorders who dedicated their time to this and obviously Fanta who i doubt did anything useful during the process.
  15. What an amazing job! looks very well organized, keep up the great work 6s!