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  1. Team name:- OutlawZ Team leader:- SHC//ToseR (hagop.baltayan2) Team members and location:- SHC//ToseR (Egypt) @ImpacT (Greece) @Pr[A]KeR (Saudia Arabia) @XavZ (Netherlands) @Zmany (Saudia Arabia) Reserves:- @Skidrow (Israel) @Zoomy (Bulgaria) @GGGirard (France)
  2. You guys just need to be more active and invite ur friends to play on ur server like for example "hey man let's go play dm on 6s server a bit". Try it. It saddens me to see 0 players on ur server, i didn't even believe it when I saw u couple times with 0 amount of players. Anyway best of luck to u and ur future plans.
  3. Told ya it's tomorrow @Randy
  4. Harlan ma nigga welcome here
  5. I wanna meet @SubShocK @FiNN @REW3X
  6. Played this map few times , pretty cool map tbh . Also keep up with the records @REFLEX
  7. Finally its here , great job , can't wait for next sneaky peeky
  8. Hey good to know more about u