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  1. Team name:- OutlawZ Team leader:- SHC//ToseR (hagop.baltayan2) Team members and location:- SHC//ToseR (Egypt) @ImpacT (Greece) @Pr[A]KeR (Saudia Arabia) @XavZ (Netherlands) @Zmany (Saudia Arabia) Reserves:- @Skidrow (Israel) @Zoomy (Bulgaria) @GGGirard (France)
  2. 8/10
  3. You guys just need to be more active and invite ur friends to play on ur server like for example "hey man let's go play dm on 6s server a bit". Try it. It saddens me to see 0 players on ur server, i didn't even believe it when I saw u couple times with 0 amount of players. Anyway best of luck to u and ur future plans.
  4. Told ya it's tomorrow @Randy
  5. Harlan ma nigga welcome here
  6. I wanna meet @SubShocK @FiNN @REW3X
  7. Played this map few times , pretty cool map tbh . Also keep up with the records @REFLEX
  8. Finally its here , great job , can't wait for next sneaky peeky
  9. Hey good to know more about u