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  1. https://www.anghami.com/profile/21589671
  2. i have a simple answer for that. You took everything way too hard that you implemented everything complicated and it isn't user-friendly anymore and also most of the guys in MTA don't like to get a new start in other server that contains 0 players most of the time. That is mainly because you kept the server hidden during development instead of opening it to players to see what is being worked on and ask about their opinions. You never announced any development plan until it was fully done under the concept of "6s members ideas" you only worked and designed according to your wishes instead of making public polls where players would vote for the most suitable design / concept that would be "user-friendly". The only thing that would give 6s a chance to get players is changing the way you work. (Private->Public) (Monarchy->Democracy) (Player wishes->6s member wishes). After that start making tournaments that would attract people for example ex-DDC event that is being played in FFS now "WFF" try to innovate and get creative, offer prizes that would attract players to play for, each end of the month most active in each arena gets donor status for X days for example. Try to make 6s members available at different timezone"s" in order to help new players to understand the server more. i have a lot of ideas that would be great to gather players in my opinion. Finn you got my skype message me if you're interested to talk more about this. @airplaNe @Qualiti
  3. @SuhaibZ Passionfruit What's your favorite song?
  4. Well my nickname came straight from the basketball court. I'm a fighter, and I sacrifice myself for every single possession and ball so, they called me "LionHeart" for my bravery attitude and I used it for a while then, trimmed it to be Lion.
  5. Shoom
  6. I've seen an intro like this before (Exactly the same) I guess someone is using intros made by pushedtoinsanity just editing the name
  7. here is mine @FiNN
  8. I still think that the server is the most developed and smoothest server in MTA but, the problem is that like you said was you weren't sociable enough to communicate with the players and see their thoughts and also the way most of 6s members reply on suggestions and so are a bit harsh in my opinion and most of the suggestions are denied which killed player's innovation and suggestions. I think you are doing good FiNN I hope you do even better this year and also have more active players.
  9. Good job 6s I think that you are the best clan in mta right now with all of these skilled and mature members.
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  11. Username: xLion Country: Italy Gamemode: OS / DM / Shooter Contacts (Skype/Discord): omar.hesham12
  12. just one thing you were never a fotl member
  13. What's your name, nickname(s), age and location?: My name is Omar and my nickname is xLion. I am 15 years 8 months old and I am from Latina,Italy but, I live in Alexandria, Egypt. What are the most significant parts of your MTA career?: My MTA career started in the end of 2011 when my friends told me about MTA and then, made me play in ddc and I joined lots of clans in DDC and I had a bad past because I was arrogant etc. and after 2 or 3 years I became mature and friendly and mild when -ffs-Tails guided me to the way of how to interact with abusers, insulters and provokers. My first clan in MTA was pRc (Don't remember what it did stand for) then, after a while I joined DS then, back to pRc as leader and after a while pRc closed due to inactivity of members. After around 3 months I joined MlP (My Little Pony xD) we had an awesome start but, it ended up with inactive members and a lot of leavings which also led to closing the clan then, I joined ER and got promoted till co-leader and left because of being inactive and then, after coming back I joined FOTL 2 or 3 times and then, back to ER and DDC closed afterwards. Have you been in any other clans?: pRc,DS,FOTL,ER,MlP and more I think What are your expectations in Sixth Sense?: I expect Sixth Sense to be a well-organized, motivated and determined to succeed clan. I expect its moderators to be kind, polite and thinking outside the box. I also expect to have an ability to state my opinion whenever I want to and in regards to any discussion that is going on at the time. I also expect the leader to take every concern and suggestion of a member in a serious consideration. Since I know that every team has ups and downs I expect Sixth Sense to remain cautious and avoid making pathetic and unplanned decisions at all times. (I copied this because this is exactly what I think about the clan). How would you be useful to us?: I won't be useful a lot in clan wars but, I can help you in forums, social media, designs and communications with other clans etc. I am also not very active because of school (talking about ingame). Something more to add: BOB (Shokkz) loves me :<
  14. @GuilhermE @Torene @D0GGy @Joaovski @DNGR @Alin I would like to apologize to you guys for not making the works you requested but, I'm really busy with exams and my basketball matches (we're in finals) and I don't really have time to use the laptop so, I kindly request you to be patient till I finish my real life stuff then, I will do them all. I'm sorry again.
  15. @Randy More competition as @Joaovski said wouldn't hurt anybody but yet, improve the community and also the idea is forum based so, that means it doesn't need server to be implemented after the server release you can add the server awards but, for now start with the forum ones only