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  1. What's your name, nickname(s), age and location?: My name is Kristóf, in-game DRiVeR. I am 17 years old, and I live in Budapest, Hungary. What are the most significant parts of your MTA career?: There are two notable things before my membership in FFS; first of all, I wasn't really a loyal person back then, I used to leave clans after 1-2 months, but that is already fixed. Second of all, my WFF career. I wasn't even able to finish maps due to my low-end computer, but when I got a new one in 2013, it became much easier, and that's exactly how my MTA career has started. A year later, I already joined 3 known clans, XpR, PiA, and Emp, but as I've mentioned before, I wasn't a loyal person who would have stayed for too long in a team, therefore I left both XpR and PiA in a short period of time. Improving my personality wasn't only my goal, but also getting known day by day. Perhaps that's the reason I joined FOTL in the summer of 2015. I became a successful WFF player there due to the tournaments DDC organized. I remember I couldn't handle the pressure as much as now, but on the other hand, it helped me a lot to understand how these kinds of matches work. In FFS, thanks to the clan wars and tournaments, I became the person I am now, experienced in both WFF and regular (hunter) clan wars, in addition to that, I've won Lucky Seven with xN. Unfortunately, after some time I noticed that they're not my type and couldn't get used to the way they acted sometimes. I've been struggling to find my place for a long time, but I've always considered Sixth Sense as one of the best clans out there, so I'm pretty sure I found it now. Have you been in any other clans?: |-XpR-| - Xtreme Pro Racers PiA| - Pro's in Action Emp| - Elite Master Players >VIP< - Very Important Players [FOTL] - Firestarters of the Land -ffs- - For Fuck Sake xN# - Nitrous Racing What are your expectations in Sixth Sense?: Your clan has always stood out from the others, you've proved that you deserve to be part of the "big" clans by not giving up even when you could. I am aware of your dedication to the development, therefore, I wasn't really surprised that your members were still loyal to their clan after the downwards you had not long ago, this kind of mentality is exactly what most people need. How would you be useful to us?: My previous roles helped me to develop organizational skills. I'm a driven person who works hard to attain my goals. The ability to overcome obstacles and follow things through to completion has always been a strong point of mine. I would relish the opportunity to be part of the team that works on the concepts for your upcoming plans. Best regards, DRiVeR
  2. Brothers of War (BW//) Contact (skype): partymta Team members / location: Partyz Daster *R!der* Mettyu Botond Reserves: LiGhT G!lGames DRiVeR