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  1. Lovely!
  2. Lovely work BapE, thanks for sharing!
  3. I actually fucking love this, nice one bro keep improving
  4. Quantic my g. Not bad for start zoilo bro
  5. We are not playing jump-mode clanwars at the moment. Declined.
  6. dame tus ojos

  7. Sorry for the late reply. We're not in position to play jump-mode clanwars at the moment, so I will have to decline your request.
  8. Have fun Bob, stay safe!
  9. Thank you for that amazing record/edit Vishal! You rock!
  10. Lovely map guys
  11. Amazing map guys. About the record, loved the quality and edit but please don't drift while presenting maps, like.. it looks like you're not giving a s**t about the map.
  12. Good luck guys! This one will be fun to watch.
  13. Love that decoration, fits the track very well and you don't see that everyday. Good job both of you