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  1. Since this report is old already plus there was no VPN rules at all then I’ll mark this report as invalid.
  2. Welcome. Have a nice stay!
  3. Nice map bros!
  4. I get you don't like to read the possible solution to our problem, but don't generalize the whole crew for one or two individuals'. That day I saw many of us congratulating you guys for the victory and accepting the defeat with no excuse afterwards. So rather name those specific players instead of generalizing as a whole - don't put us, including me, in the same boat. Well deserved victory Z#!
  5. Nice gameplay and edit man! Keep it up
  6. Best of luck and stuff like that
  7. We don't have enough Shooter players at the moment to play this clanwar, therefore, I will have to decline this.
  8. Muy bueno Gteatero! Decoration is and track is
  9. Woah, just tried it in-game and looks insane! Amazing job man, thanks for sharing
  10. Loving the atmosphere on this one! Good job both of you
  11. Lovely map UnDeR! Also sweet edit and quality there Spot ;3
  12. Insane m8
  13. You never dissapoint, beautiful map!