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  1. I am really happy for Nano and JoinT. He really deserved to be accepted. I congratulate other people too. It will be so nice to spend time with you.
  2. Terrorists are trying to destabilise the peace and brotherhood in my country. It's not only my problem, it's not only yours but its ours. Today my country is bleeding, tomorrow it can be yours. Today it's time for you all to stay in total solidarity with my lovely country Turkey. The time has come to unite against all kinds of terrorism. !!!!
  3. Continue like this, everythings is good. Good job guys! (Finally your best feat nX!)
  4. Welcome to Turkey, Have fun
  5. It is the best ''OS'' map i have ever seen. It was nice to watch, I'like to play it. Congratz!
  6. Excellent! You're the best
  7. Have a good time with Sixth Sense Welcome Mondim!