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  1. That perfect render
  2. Incredible how toxic is the DD community, great show anyway
  3. No se la cree ni tu vieja ese tt
  4. Hello Zeyad. Thank you for making this join request, really appreciated. However, this one is really poor with the naked eye. I would recommend you to check other applications that were accepted and make a quick comparison between those ones and the one you just made. Click here to check. Hopefully you will understand that your request can be improved!
  5. Any kind of insult can be forgiven if it's directed to you
  6. I WANNA BE PART OF THAT, I CAN EASILY BEAT YO ASSES! Oh and Nico, gracias por volver la puta madre, aguante la pastafrola
  7. I don't know why but I expected this kind of update and I also expected you two as leaders. Can't say more than well deserved
  8. As always I will refer more about the recorder's work than the map itself (not underestimating mapper's work, honestly it looks that he made an enjoyable map) Sick quality! I must say that you chose the correct color correction for this map.. right on target! Focus more on learning video editing and I can assure you that you will be in the top along with the other beasts.
  9. Almost what I expected..
  10. Even though it's not the best quality around the community, it's decent enough. Just my point of view, if I were you I would have used a different infernus skin, light, nos (basically everything that involves the car) It looks like 'heavy' and I would prefer seeing a simpler infernus skin. Micra's skins are probably the best options. The rest is ok. Keep it up!
  11. Hello Fineas, we are really thankful for your join request and we appreciate it. However, your lack of effort makes me think that you are not taking this in a serious manner. We recommend you to check the other applications and make a comparison between them and your current application. Hopefully we will see positive changes if you do that. Cheers.
  12. Try to record in 60fps and also render them in 60fps. Always use 1080 if your pc can carry such resolution (in your case it seems that your PC can but I would like to see how you quality looks in 60fps) If not, use 720. At the moment of editing, use color correction.. and that's pretty much everything. You gotta find a way to make a decent edition.
  13. Welcome aboard guys!