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  1. Congratulations! Especially to spotty, you made it bro
  2. he got banned another time after ~2 hours, what was that for?
  3. Why would you only quote that, why don't you quote the amount of shit you said in the cw instead of playing the victim Insulting our ''tff style" during the and banning our Cw manager twice for no apparent reason, I can keep going to the rest of the day but I have more important things to do. It's unfortunate to see you trying to win this CW just like the one against xN(Which we all know that they actually won it, not you) but the decisions that referees made didn't satisfy you this time It makes me giggle seeing that it's always referees' mistake whenever you lose, btw is NoMercy still banned? PS. I wrote that to partyz(In the beggining of the second half) and apologized right away because I was over whelmed PS2. I'm not the cw manager of tff, in fact just a trial. nice try though
  4. I was going to play this but sadly my laptop's charger has suddenly broke yesterday. Im still expecting my team to win though, good luck to tff and 6s
  5. Nice! Good luck
  6. I thought of it in 2013 i guess, but that doesnt make me the "owner of the idea". Its not about thinking about it, its about implementing it in game. Well done liked the resizable feature the most
  7. @GuilhermE it's not a tribute to snake. Inception is a movie and the music he used is it's soundtrack I've seen thousands of movies but inception was the best one and I don't think I will watch such a good movie ever again. Nice map you created, looking forward to play it
  8. well yeah you're supposed to make random kills
  9. liked the first one which brings 90s feels
  10. RIP Jorge
  11. Congratluations!
  12. Admires old school style
  13. @JoinT kept asking me for a DD cw, so here is it. As I've told JoinT, both Girard and Tryhard will play. He said that they will be recorded while playing, so yeah you can do that. Date & Time: dd.mm.yyyy, 19:00 GMT+1 Server: 6s CW Server( I heard 6s' CW server is gone, if that's true then we can play in TC's server) Amount of Players: 3 vs. 3 (3 reserves from each team) Maps: 4 Rounds: 20 Clan Website: thecrewgaming.com Contact Info: xdark1ng.mta Participants' Information: Sixth Sense (|6s) Maps - - Players - - - - - - (reserve) - (reserve) - (reserve) The Crew ('TC|) Maps - - Players - - - - - - (reserve) - (reserve) - (reserve) Rules Destruction Derby rules: Rules you have to follow while playing the clan war. - Both teams are able to choose impartial referee(s). - Camping is not allowed - Everyone from each clan is able to participate (if the exact amount of players for each clan is not chosen). - If someone times out before the round is started, we restart the round. - If someone times out while the map is running (and if he is alive), we continue playing. - If someone is lagging too much, a reserve player replaces him. - If after all the main rounds, both teams has an equal amount of points (draw), we play the one and only additional round for the very last point (map that started the cw). - Maps picked must have either Cheetah, Tampa or Bullet as the main vehicle. - Any kind of insulting, begging or flaming is going to be punished with a mute. - CW players cannot be punished without a warning. - Only the listed players are allowed to play - The max ping of a player is 180. - The minimum, constant FPS of a player is 35 - Both teams managers have to get admin rights in the CW server