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  1. Welcome!
  2. Shoot
  3. You need to be a designer first To be a human you need to..
  4. Hello guys well one friend joined a kind of dj tournament and well i would really want him to win here is his mix video with which he will participate So if you like his mix you can help him here (Spanish page):
  5. Is this still working xD?
  6. Good luck with the work mate! I'm happy you make your dream become real
  7. Happy Birthday @QuadraK!!
  8. Looks pretty good, thanks for sharing
  9. You said that if the zombie touch the laser he will lost ... for what then is the 300% health for "Halk" if the zombie will instantly dead if he touch the laser? And about the whole idea, as you can see right now our catch arena isnt that popular, why do you think that this one will be? Its the same base chaning that there is abilities and a "team" of catchers Anyway thanks you for sharing your ideas with the community we really appreciate it.
  10. @Randy @Hidin @nGear @Qualiti @Moldy @airplaNe @Greck @AlvarO @FanTa @Marque
  11. Good job with the edit and thanks for the download link!
  12. Welcome back little streamer!
  13. When i bought my minecraft account all the names i usually used were picked so after i started thinking in one different fusing Asterix and Obelix names