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  1. Congratulations to the new faces, I hope 2018 will turn a sucessful year for the community, good luck!
  2. Congratulations everybody!
  3. I'm back homies, it's been a long season for me, finally I finished this cruise ship season. I'm back home!
  4. Happy Birthday 6s! *.*
  5. Welcome guys!
  6. My boy :3
  7. Congratulations homies! Totally deserved!
  8. Thank you all, I appreciate! PM me incase you need my contact(facebook, skype, whatever).
  9. I'm not sure if it will be a goodbye or a see you soon, I hope a see you soon. I've finished the studies last year in May, I'm specialized in restaurant & bar services. I've been working in one of the bests restaurants from my island and I always had a dream to work aboard a cruise ship. Everything started about a year ago when I met a guy from a recruitment company, an agent. He's been helping me and I had an interview in Lisbon a couple of weeks ago, luckily I got picked and I will work aboard a river cruise ship, starting this week. Netherlands - Berlgium - Germany - Austria - Slovakia - Hungary, that's the countries I'll be sailing in. It's been roughly more than seven years dedicated to this game, it's incredible the amount of people I met, people I will keep an interaction with. I wanna thank everybody who made my experience in MTA outstanding, everyone involved in Xtreme Gamers, Twisted Gamers, Sixth Sense, XIII and also ffs. That means, I will be leaving MTA, atleast for now. I will try to keep my activity on forums & on skype but I'm not sure how it will be. Some of you has my facebook, skype or whatsapp. We'll stay in touch!
  10. Great map mower and cookie, the track is great and awesome deco. Edit as good as always @REFLEX! I wonder the amount of hardwork you are putting into those videos, keep them coming!