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  1. welcome bro
  2. With all the good stuff that Qualiti and other developers have given to the server, I don't know why the server hasn't seen its true potential yet as in being full or at least half full every day. The puzzle is one of motivation and/or availability. It seems to me that we could gain momentum if we stipulated a few days of the week where everyone would try getting on for however many hours each could.. as no one, myself included, would play on a server with no players on. You need to get the player base busy to get noticed to attract either random players popping on to try it out or those that many of us know. Hovering around 5-10 players a day gets none of us nowhere. As for the server's layout, the simpler, the better. (I have no issues with the current one, that's just how I look at things). @Qualiti edit// I'd like to append this sort of idea to what I've said. Why don't we host mini games on the different server platforms that players seem to like? Different game, different platform, different day of the week. We got the forums as the prime publicizer to what, when and where the next game event is. Perfect utilization of those agreed-upon days on.
  3. Hf and stay safe bro.
  4. heynow
  5. Astonishing.
  6. Great work everyone
  7. Good luck and have fun playas.
  8. happy birthday bro @Zoilo:)

    1. Zoilo


      Thank you honey! <3

  9. Best of luck, mvp.
  10. Good luck to the players and have fun.
  11. If you'd like to share with us a few of the funny, catchy, etc.. moments, events etc.. you remember that had occurred on your birthday. I'm kicking this off with,
  12. @Randy Good luck out there bro, you need it. I personally appreciate everything you've done to better the community.

    Take care fam.

    1. Randy


      Thanks man!

  13. -

    granted, but ya gonna get hit by an american B-1B Lancer at a speed of 456km/h.. wish i had an f1.