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  1. To be fair nothing is really 'wrong' with the server. It's just that I don't want to play alone. If there were at least 5 other guys I know who're playing there then yes, I'd be hesitated to join the server. It's the matter of willingness of people joining the server.
  2. Happy Birthday Zoilooo!

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  5. Dear @SheldoN, Thank you for your interest with us at Sixth Sense after your exclusion. However, for an ex-member you should know the basic guidelines for a well established application. For me (and for some others), the lack of effort put in this application is little to none conveys you're not considerate. Take this into consideration. You're not being a role model here. Each question you've answered contains an average of two sentences. I highly advise you to edit your application into something more formal and presentable. Have a nice day!
  6. What a journey it has been so far for Sixth Sense! Without a doubt this has been my best year in the realm of Multi Theft Auto. Glad to be part of this community since 2015. Everyone in the clan is starting to work their asses off to fulfill the community's needs. Stay tuned! Happy 2nd Birthday @Sixth Sense! Older than Sheldon, Spotlight and Partyz
  7. I'll apologise on Spotlight's behalf. However @DogZone, this is an invalid report due to two reasons: 1) Not enough evidence to support the report, how do we (or I) know if you said something which resulted in Spotlight insulting you. 2) This crime scene was on TfF, not on Sixth Sense. Therefore this should have been reported on TfF's forum. INVALID REPORT, CASE CLOSED!
  8. Dear @PoWeR~, Thank you for your interest in Sixth Sense. However, I will have to simply decline your join request due to the lack of English knowledge and effort put in this simple, underlying application. Furthermore, you've stated you were part of our community in 2012. Sixth Sense was formed in June, 2015. We do not tolerate misconceptions. You'll be allowed to create another application after our next trials have been picked. Regards, Zoilo
  9. @DeLeTe will receive 2 day contributor status as he managed to correctly guess the MVP for our latest match. Congratulations!
  10. Our 6th and final match-up in the Lucky Seven Tournament versus Mafioso Auto Drivers will be played tonight at 18:00 Central European Time. Clan war topic: Copy and fill out the form below. Rewards: Guessing the MVP - 2 day contributor status. Guessing the final score right - 10 day contributor status.
  11. Good day everyone! Today is the day we play our 6th and final match in the Lucky Seven tournament hosted by FFS Gaming. We've come from a long way, battled through dominating clans; This is no exception. We started as one and we finish as one. Time to gear up and go! Date & Time: 28.05.2017, Sunday 18:00 CET Mode: WFF (Lucky Seven Tournament) Bets: Sixth Sense (|6s) Squad: FiNN Zoilo Moldy airplaNe RoNNiE Partyz SheldoN Mafioso Auto Drivers ([MAD]) Squad: CrystaL kNASKRIPPA Szabi Pablow Kamen Maplist:
  12. Oh Nano you cutie, nice to see you here again! <3
  13. CAGED