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  1. 2.0 Sneak Peak 1/1


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      haters will say its paint

  2. This is a joke. DECLINED
  3. Good day people! Today I present a solo map made by Quantic. It's pretty decent and has a couple enjoyable parts to it. This is also my first time recording a map, feedback would be appreciated. Hope you enjoy! SONG: Fred V & Grafix - Constellations
  4. I usually don't comment on new map releases, but this is an exception. A lovely collaboration between wonderful mappers. The four of you have done a really good job here, seems to be an enjoyable yet challenging map in certain aspects. Keep it up!
  5. Closed.
  6. Closed.
  7. @sYKu will receive a 10 day contributor status as he successfully managed to guess the correct scoreline. @crystal will receive a 2 day contributor status as he successfully managed to guess the MVP of the match.
  8. Our second time versus Mafioso Auto Drivers in the Lucky Seven tournament will be played on Sunday, 3rd of September. Clan war topic: Copy and fill out the form below: Rewards: Guessing the MVP - 2 day contributor status. Guessing the final score right - 10 day contributor status.
  9. Good evening! (apologies for the late response) Back with a bang! Some of you guys may have noticed we had our first game in the Lucky Seven (2) Tournament hosted by FFS Gaming. On Saturday the 19th of August at 20:00 CET (Central European Time), we played against TfF (The Favoured Few). One of the two new promising teams to be invited to the tournament. We faught a fairly effortless battle as we overcame our opponents 98-42. We had a strong start to the match as we were leading 53-14 in the first ten maps. We knew this will end in no harm towards us. I'd like to personally say that my team performed at their optimum as we played tactical and wise together. Everyone did really well. The top four players on the score sheet were from our side which I'm really proud of. Knowing our opponents couldn't get many points, we took that chance to get as many points as possible which will give us a point difference advantage. However, the second season to the Lucky Seven tournament looks promising as many teams have changed up their squads to ensure they are up and ready to defeat anyone. Here's the map list we played along with the map winners: Mapname 3 Points 2 Points 1 Point 1 Point 1. Rumble Partyz RoNNiE Zeke F3NN 2. Ukrainian Style Zoilo RoNNiE Partyz F3NN 3. Coosh4LProject RoNNiE Geass UnSkilled F3NN 4. Below Us F3NN MAgNito Partyz RoNNiE 5. Dreary Mountains Zoilo F3NN RoNNiE Partyz 6. Amazing Driving F3NN Zeke Moldy RoNNiE 7. Blow II Airplane Partyz F3NN Geass 8. Project Z Zoilo Geass RoNNiE Airplane 9. Cooler Than Me xDark1nG Dmitry MAgNiTo Zoilo 10. Save Your Heart F3NN Zeke Geass xDark1nG 11. Revived F3NN Partyz Zeke LookaT 12. Empathy Geass Partyz RoNNiE LookaT 13. Celestial Sarcasm Zoilo F3NN RoNNiE MAgNiTo 14. Untried III RoNNiE Zeke UnSkilled LookaT 15. Deep Power Paradise F3NN Geass LookaT UnSkilled 16. Deep Power Paradise II Moldy Zeke Geass RoNNiE 17. Siisti-C V1 xDark1nG RoNNiE Partyz F3NN 18. No Juju F3NN Partyz xDark1nG UnSkilled 19. DevotioN Zoilo Partyz CzerkA RoNNiE 20. SimpliCity Partyz Zoilo RoNNiE LookaT Here's the total amount of points earned by each player: 27 FiNN 21 Ronnie 20 Partyz 18 Zoilo 12 Geass 10 Zeke 8 xDarK1nG 5 LookaT 4 Moldy 4 Airplane 4 Magnito 4 Unskilled 2 Dmitry 1 CzerkA On September the 3rd, we will face one of the toughest opponents in this tournament, Mafioso Auto Drivers. Stay tuned! Regards, Zoilo - WFF Manager.
  10. The only rat here is you bothering the perfect atmosphere here with your arrogance. Congratulations to the new trials. Don't disappoint us!
  11. Closed by request.
  12. Is this your brother?


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      No that's me

  13. To be fair nothing is really 'wrong' with the server. It's just that I don't want to play alone. If there were at least 5 other guys I know who're playing there then yes, I'd be hesitated to join the server. It's the matter of willingness of people joining the server.
  14. Happy Birthday Zoilooo!

  15. Happy Birthday Harry :6:

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      Thank yoh Moldo :monkey:

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