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  1. Final Score (|6s - -ffs-): 12-8 MVP: @Tryhard
  2. Our second time facing XpR in a WFF clan war. First match resulting in our favour with a final score of 81:59. Will we dominate once again? Clan war topic: Copy and fill out the form below: Rewards: Guessing the MVP - 2 day contributor status. Guessing the final score right - 10 day contributor status.
  3. ↓fuhk guys↑

  4. (Without Slow Motion Script) (With Slow Motion Script) ----- (FFS' Main Server) ----- -----
  5. Seen as though no one had successfully predicted the final score; no one receives 10 days worth of donator. The only two people who guessed MVP are 6s members, so they receive nothing!
  6. Sixth Sense vs Zenosyne Back with a bang! Good evening! Most of you realised we had a clan war versus a fairly new team in the realm of MTA named 'Zenosyne'. The team consists of brilliant and enthusiastic players who were determined to win tonight. The match consisted of a brilliant atmosphere shared between both sides along with spectators, amusing moments and overall entertaining evening. During the first half, we never got to lead the match. Zenosyne had a massive acceleration towards their goal which was to beat us. The first half ended at 34-36 to Zenosyne. We threw points away. However, with great patience, our side had to prove who we really are. The second half was more towards our side where we had been winning more maps. An unfortunate moment had occurred where my team mates Partyz and airplaNe had synced together to perform the worlds most annoying bug, drifting away into oblivion (Synchronised Fail). Other than this, the match ran pretty smooth as we overcame our opponents and defeated them with a final score of 78-62. Here's the map list we played along with the map winners: Mapname 3 Points 2 Points 1 Point 1 Point 1. Enemy Territory Simas BreAkeR Partyz Jesse 2. Bleed Simas airplaNe Zeke Miha 3. Serenity BreAkeR Partyz Zeke Zoilo 4. Dark Inception IV Zeke Alien airplaNe Zoilo 5. The Essence Of Speed Wanz airplaNe Zeke Syku 6. Magnetic Love III Zoilo Simas TONY Wanz 7. Dreary Mountains BreAkeR airplaNe LookaT Alien 8. Gradually II Syku Simas Wanz JessE 9. Needed Skill Partyz Simas Wanz Zeke 10. Serendipity II Zoilo airplaNe Wanz Zeke 11. Enemy Territory Partyz Zoilo Simas BreAkeR 12. Bleed BreAkeR LookaT Zoilo Syku 13. Serenity Wanz JessE TONY Zeke 14. Dark Inception IV Zoilo Simas airplaNe Zeke 15. The Essence Of Speed Wanz Zoilo BreAkeR airplaNe 16. Magnetic Love III Zoilo TONY BreAkeR Partyz 17. Dreary Mountains Zoilo BreAkeR Wanz airplaNe 18. Gradually II Zoilo Zeke Moldy Simas 19. Needed Skill Wanz Syku LookaT Simas 20. Serendipity II Zoilo airplaNe Moldy Zeke MVP: Zoilo Here's the total amount of points earned by each player: 27 Zoilo 17 Wanz 17 Simas 16 BreAkeR 15 airplaNe 13 Zeke 10 Partyz 7 Syku 4 Jesse 4 TONY 4 LookaT 3 Alienz 2 Moldy 1 Miha Special thanks to @Anwix, @SheldoN, @CheiN and @FanTa for being the referees! Also thanks to @DRiVeR for streaming the match for us! Regards, Zoilo - WFF Manager.
  7. After a lengthy, unwanted break from WFF (Who Finishes First) clan wars, we are finally back! Tomorrow we face a new community in the MTA scene called Zenosyne. They already have a strong name for themselves and players on their side who are capable and willing to prove their ability in the realm of MTA. Will we overcome them at the battle ground? Clan war topic: Copy and fill out the form below: Rewards: Guessing the MVP - 2 day contributor status. Guessing the final score right - 10 day contributor status.
  8. Unfortunately, I will not be able to watch the clan war live. However, I do wish my team and the opponents best of luck in this magnificent match-up tonight. Hope you all have fun on the battleground!
  9. Did you just spend time writing bullshit again, Zocki?
  10. 36 because that's how many times you've had chlamydia
  11. MTT II - The Grand Final Black Box vs. Phenomenal Ones Howdy! 28 Teams & 224 players later and we have reached towards the end of the journey where two teams have battled their way through the fearsome tournament featuring tough opponents. The first team known as Black Box and composed of: airplaNe, Pablow, Naval, BurN, 1thwonder, H!J@CK, Geminat0r & Master have plowed their way int to finals by beating the finalists of the first edition and one of the hardest teams, Brothers of War with the score of 12-8 in the semi-finals. On the other side, the second finalists known as Phenomenal Ones and composed of: VISHAL, Siisti, Jmick, Mateoryt, sur1k, Floxbiee, Natsuki & LordHype have made it to the finals by knocking out Legendary 8 with the score of 14-6 in the semi-final round. Best of luck to both sides in this edition of MTT! Stage Date Time Match State Result Finals TBA TBA Black Box vs. Phenomenal Ones Upcoming TBA Cheers, Sixth Sense MTT-II Team