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  1. Unfortunately, I will not be able to watch the clan war live. However, I do wish my team and the opponents best of luck in this magnificent match-up tonight. Hope you all have fun on the battleground!
  2. Did you just spend time writing bullshit again, Zocki?
  3. 36 because that's how many times you've had chlamydia
  4. Your lucky day Rakesh 6Iv9edR.jpg

  5. MTT II - The Grand Final Black Box vs. Phenomenal Ones Howdy! 28 Teams & 224 players later and we have reached towards the end of the journey where two teams have battled their way through the fearsome tournament featuring tough opponents. The first team known as Black Box and composed of: airplaNe, Pablow, Naval, BurN, 1thwonder, H!J@CK, Geminat0r & Master have plowed their way int to finals by beating the finalists of the first edition and one of the hardest teams, Brothers of War with the score of 12-8 in the semi-finals. On the other side, the second finalists known as Phenomenal Ones and composed of: VISHAL, Siisti, Jmick, Mateoryt, sur1k, Floxbiee, Natsuki & LordHype have made it to the finals by knocking out Legendary 8 with the score of 14-6 in the semi-final round. Best of luck to both sides in this edition of MTT! Stage Date Time Match State Result Finals TBA TBA Black Box vs. Phenomenal Ones Upcoming TBA Cheers, Sixth Sense MTT-II Team
  6. @xDarK1nG You were saying?
  7. 2.0 Sneak Peak 1/1


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      haters will say its paint

  8. This is a joke. DECLINED
  9. Good day people! Today I present a solo map made by Quantic. It's pretty decent and has a couple enjoyable parts to it. This is also my first time recording a map, feedback would be appreciated. Hope you enjoy! SONG: Fred V & Grafix - Constellations
  10. I usually don't comment on new map releases, but this is an exception. A lovely collaboration between wonderful mappers. The four of you have done a really good job here, seems to be an enjoyable yet challenging map in certain aspects. Keep it up!
  11. Closed.
  12. Closed.
  13. @sYKu will receive a 10 day contributor status as he successfully managed to guess the correct scoreline. @crystal will receive a 2 day contributor status as he successfully managed to guess the MVP of the match.