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  1. @BreAkeR im becoming a god on your v9 @Pablow (also a wff player okno)
  2. didnt see anyone do a better one e.e
  3. Well, i can't hide the dissapointment in me - I am really sad rn. I believe I've done everything I could but well it wasn't enough. Good to see sYKu and Wanz in 6s, really happy for that.. congratz to others as well.
  4. i like to post pics from football cuz i dont look like a kid there p.s. the > one
  5. i miss u pony

    1. tony



      no homo tho

  6. brazuca fdp beast
  7. Not really a top1 but I dont count pussies using big shortcuts as a top so
  8. is that you on your profile picture

  9. here we go i'd do both dm and wff teams: dm: finn, naxo, neson back in 2015/16 in his prime, darking, tomba, TONY, crespro and uns in 2014 pablow airplane and naval for hdm and FUCK HOW COULD I FORGET THE HUNTERGOD ATM DASTER <3 wff: partyz finn naval zoilo crystal driver walk zeist alex ronnie and wanz
  10. when i saw @tony and @Flip in a dm map i laughed my ass off but the result is quite nice, good job! more of these maps and not up+d+space+alt maps pls
  11. that feeling when you want to take a nap at 15:00 at home for an hour and you wake up at 21:00, and when you want to take a nap in school at 8:45 for atleast an hour, you wake up and its 8:46 gg #lifegoals

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    2. ryderrr


      @nGear my phone always mutes itself when its supposed to ring the alarm xD

    3. nGear


      @ryderrr i know right?! it's super annoying and totally not our fault. 

    4. ryderrr


      @nGear the fun part is it happens only when i wake up to school, in other occasions it works normally