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  1. is that you on your profile picture

  2. here we go i'd do both dm and wff teams: dm: finn, naxo, neson back in 2015/16 in his prime, darking, tomba, TONY, crespro and uns in 2014 pablow airplane and naval for hdm and FUCK HOW COULD I FORGET THE HUNTERGOD ATM DASTER <3 wff: partyz finn naval zoilo crystal driver walk zeist alex ronnie and wanz
  3. when i saw @tony and @Flip in a dm map i laughed my ass off but the result is quite nice, good job! more of these maps and not up+d+space+alt maps pls
  4. that feeling when you want to take a nap at 15:00 at home for an hour and you wake up at 21:00, and when you want to take a nap in school at 8:45 for atleast an hour, you wake up and its 8:46 gg #lifegoals

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    2. ryderrr


      @nGear my phone always mutes itself when its supposed to ring the alarm xD

    3. nGear


      @ryderrr i know right?! it's super annoying and totally not our fault. 

    4. ryderrr


      @nGear the fun part is it happens only when i wake up to school, in other occasions it works normally

  5. holy f thats amazing
  6. rip headphone users 4:53 and rip cod
  7. im sick as fuck and dying in my bed, i dont check 6s forum for one day and 10 new join requests smh

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      well @Partyz lets have a look at this
      FiNN Viewing Profile: ryderrr
      oh shit

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      lmao partyz no one can reach that score

  8. i swear to god every brazilian has an earring
  9. can you feel it

    1. Zoilo


      Felt it before and feeling it now as well

    2. ryderrr


      @Zoilo can you feel it now?

  10. Some pics I found @DogZone just being dogzone some shitty ass jokes with @xDarK1nG only polaks will understand ( @RoNNiE# ) @BurN actually knew whats coming cute @Pablow
  11. just learn to play @RoNNiE#
  12. RYDER and his join request What's your name, nickname(s), age and location?: Hello everyone, my real name is Adam, ingame nick is RYDER with various styles. I am 18 years old male from Slovakia. I live in a small city called Šurany approximately 90-100km away from the capital, Bratislava. What are the most significant parts of your MTA career?: I started playing MTA back in 2010, on a hungarian server called GoD. I didn't really enjoy to play this game so I kinda left it and came back in early 2011 and I found a server called Adrenalin Gamers ~AG~, it was a clan which I joined in late 2011. In the same year I found the -ffs- server, that was always full and you had to wait for hours to be able to join. In the meantime, ~AG~ got closed and I started to play more and more on ffs, what resulted in me getting many points and if I can remember correctly, I was around the top10 points in 2012. But after the time went by, I have left the international scene because of the lack of czech and slovak players. I started to nolife on a czechoslovakian server until around the beginning of 2014. At that time, a >VIP< member came on that server and told me to make a join request to VIP (the first dogzones "fake" VIP). I listened to him, made a join request and I got accepted. I left VIP a few months later because of fight with the leader, dogzone. I stayed clanless until middle of 2016, where I found out about SoR and I wanted to join it. I got accepted on my first try and it was the first clan that was known which I was in. It was a big achievement for me and I was really happy, I played many clanwars. I was in SoR twice, I left once after a big fight with eyecatcher and vondusky, after we cleared it up I went back in but after a few weeks SHARPIX decided to close it and leave mta. I stayed clanless until the MTA World Cup 2016 ended and I decided to make a join request to TfF and I got accepted. It was my best time in a clan, I got more famous in clanwars and I grew up as a person and as a player there. I have left TfF because of internal problems. I went to make a join request to xN after that, I got accepted but I left it for not fitting in and some other private reasons, I can tell them in private if you want to know. I went to SHC for like 2 weeks to help my mates tomba and neson, but it all fell apart because neson decided to leave. I am clanless since then, made two join requests - back to TfF but I didn't get accepted and I closed my join request to TC because I went to SHC. Now I want 6s to be the last clan in MTA. I am active mainly on TfF. Have you been in any other clans?: ~AG~ Adrenalin Gamers - 2011 >VIP< Very Important Players - 2014 SoR! Squad of Revolution - mid 2016 /TfF\ The favoured Few - end of 2016- march/april of 2017 xN# Nitrous Racing - mid 2017 SHC// Small Hustlers Crew - left at end of august What are your expectations in Sixth Sense?: I won't write an essay on this question, because it's simple. I know Sixth Sense since it got opened, I've been hanging around at the forums since then, but I am not really a spammer so you might not recognize it. I expect Sixth Sense to be even bigger than it is now. It is big already, but I know it can be even better and better. I know most of the members, I know what can I expect from them. I expect Sixth Sense to be an organized team in game and outside of it, and I also expect Sixth Sense to reach its maximul potential in the upcoming months. I can smell something big is going to happen. How would you be useful to us?: In full honesty, this is a hard question for me to answer. Since I visit my local gymnasium and I like to learn new stuff, when I end here I would love to join an IT based school, like I mentioned above. I would love to learn how to program mainly in HTML and Java, but I want to learn the rest too. Apart from that, I am not a bad deathmatch player, I like to play deathmatch, and my hunter skills are fairly decent I would say, so I could be an upgrade in the deathmatch squad. I still didn't reach my maximum potential, but I know I can do it here, learn alot here and be even better. On the other side, WFF is not my strong point - I rather finish the map than be fast and fail. Also, I am really good at organising things, I love to be a referee in clanwars, I can be strict and I obey all the rules. If someone doesn't like me, their problem. I ignore it, but my temper is really short and I often explode, but I am trying to get rid of it since I am "an adult" on paper already. Something more to add: That's all from me, I wish other guys with join requests good luck and I hope we can meet together inside the clan! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me on my steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/TheOneAndOnlyRyder
  13. thanks for the support guys! I finally have my own song!

  14. who needs a tony when you have wanz