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  1. Thanks for pickingeded my maps XpR and 6s, i love you all <3 How the fuckingeded stop mapping with this motivation <3 impossible for me
  2. Congratz by HyPex Sheldon tu mama
  3. Hola amigos, here my new map if you want the map pay $500 or download here[DM]
  4. BIEN CTMMMMMMMM VAMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Congratz to everyone! more to chein hermoso Swalox <3
  5. nha, they are part from another map [DM] Gteatero ft GOD ft JESUS ft ALLAH ft benzona ft zamudio ft annani fahis ft prostitutka - Impel Up
  6. Gteatero ft Andershell ft Micra ft Abodyrulez ft WW ft Naval ft Nakezi ft DK ft ShondeX ft NeiT ft Packy ft Jawed ft SimiX ft Rage ft Disaster ft Jackob ft Pawlo ft BriaN ft CresheZ ft Gallardo ft Snake ft SymoN ft dcoy ft DeRoX ft Norik ft Zebra ft NoN ft MoX ft Asuna ft Saky ft sYKu ft Aquil ft TNT ft Banshee ft FiNN ft Pablow ft RaGeX ft Jumbo ft Fancy ft Tin0 ft NitroN ft Nitreke ft Puma ft Tara ft Andro ft SoniX ft ActiOn ft FachX ft N4RuT0 ft S!dewalk ft DARKNESS ft ShelZ ft RedGTX ft Redrum ft StiveN ft Deidara ft Smyx ft Crystal ft ZeX ft Guirefallon ft Looney ft uRage ft WalK ft DRiVeR ft Darmos ft Swalox ft Gerc ft Tomas ft Cosa_Nostra ft Reazzon ft NI:12 ft Jawed ft d4sjoker ft DeLeTe ft BreaKeR ft Skaarj ft ZinC ft SicariO ft Redrum ft Poeta ft NoN ft Chipy ft Cookie ft Fakedeath ft Royce ft Deadline ft Vintage ft Vortex ft Sk2 ft RoNNie ft nX_ ft DLF ft AUDI ft RATA ft Kamen ft Kalepe ft CheiN ft TurBo ft Slipknot ft UnDeR ft beatz ft Siisti ft Vishal ft CooN ft HeHu ft Twister ft Flash ft Link ft CrystalCastles ft Exodo ft CarmY ft GOTZHA ft TenTimes ft Relax ft Never ft DioGo ft Coronet ft Fatal ft Boss ft JohnY ft VitheR ft Xer0 ft PunK ft Adidas ft Valentino ft Machete ft Shankz ft Shux ft Art!stA ft Tonyxo ft Simas ft Darkfly ft ZerkoM ft Razor ft BuDyA ft LeoN ft CascaDe ft DarkyZ ft Riser ft Nao ft Rampage ft SoundwaveZ ft Darkray ft Miketz ft RockZ ft XeaT ft CenSoR ft Azula ft Pee[J] ft JARI ft Simple ft glubschie ft BenjaZ ft Anwix ft RuSO ft Qwince ft Risk ft WuW ft Ceeser ft Xerah ft Rul3zZ ft ScoreX ft Zaja ft Zeist ft ExplO ft Cyxno ft Haze ft MarTiN ft ZJK ft Techo ft 4VCI ft James ft Silverhawk XrToR ft Pixel ft COOL ft Lex ft CristiaN ft Roald ft Gematria ft Spectrum ft Guillerme ft Rabbit ft SVeteran ft Thenico ft iRenox ft RedGtx ft Straim ft Wintersea ft Zoilo ft WodeN ft Danx ft Horus ft Moivex ft elxjorge ft LaZZ ft SchwaN ft Ravolt ft KacaK ft Cheslav ft Dioni ft Thunder ft BliZarD FT N4rut0 ft SupRime ft Zamilovv ft CHRS ft Takash ft Kronger ft MarckkZ ft ShokkZ ft iRaven ft T3xt ft Tx! ft StronGT ft StuntPool ft Towelie ft Dreams ft Ryze ft Muca ft SebaS ft Skyress ft Androm3D ft FaFacz ft Exade ft GameX ft ZeeT ft DUSK ft Every ft Javii ft Jil ft SprayCan ft ZinTro ft SpektreM ft Phantom ft EM1N3M ft KATGE ft Subrosa ft Mower ft Sheldon ft Maxspeed ft StailoK ft AmiabLe ft Scar ft MeH ft mTH ft V4 ft DS ft DC ft norbi ft CresPro ft Temp ft iRobbie ft Flexxy ft MonKey ft Lukakulz ft Bak ft Arrow ft C3z!K4 ft SilveR ft Slime ft Kiwi ft Simas ft Nice ft Mariana ft i[R]anlee ft Polakmaly ft ZeAn ft Facuuzz ft Shine ft LookaT - TOXICANT 2 ?
  7. Hey amigos, here my new map, i hope you liek Special Thanks to Relax waton for recording!
  8. Thanks for the good comments guys! After Essence of 1000 Attemps and Essence of the Essence of player, ill map Essence of Enemy Territory thx bro i aprecio tu comentario salu2
  9. Today I come to present my map created by my waton friend Facuuzz <3 , I hope you take with a good humor and enjoy the map Sk2 i love you @RoNNiE# this is just a joke bro! i hope you like xdxdxdxd @Darmos you know, i have nothing against you, i just like this kind of maps Special Thanks to Shine for recording
  10. i did this map just for fun, here a small text from my ban appeal "I made this map for fun, as always. And decided to do it with essence of speed and unmatched player because they are the maps of the moment and i love them" About the effort, and if EOS 1 and EOS 2 are more played isnt true, they like more my maps "It is because of lack of efford you put in your maps and they do not" Please dont Compare Noxious Force 1, 2 , Ethereal Factory, My V6,V7,V8 ,V9 and some epic maps with random maps that i can finish in 2 days "people can do the maps and the style they want, you should not make fun of them." Idc, there isnt a rule about "dont make fun about others styles" did you notice the unmatched player part? why didnt you say something about that? jajaja Anyways, i dont care about EOS 1 and EOS 2 if are more played, the people plays more my maps and i like these maps also i nolifed (Unmatched player too) Thanks for you reply, i hope you liek the NeiT edit <3 AND THANKS GUYS, THIS IS A BIG MOTIVATION TO MAKE MORE MAPS WITH FACUUZZ P.S: SHELDON WATON TKM
  11. Hola amigos, I proudly present my new map with my friend Zamudio Facuuzz, where we dedicated much of our time on this masterpiece, I hope you like our map, this is a good example of Smooth and skilled map. Special thanks to NeiT for recording!
  12. Hola Stieg jajajaaj
  13. Good luck FiNN with your life, see you soon! (i hope) Anyways finn, learn to map and dont copy my V6 JAJAJAAJAJAJJJAJAAJAJAAJJAAJAAAJAJAJAJAJA