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  1. Nice work dude but still long way to the top,keep it up!
  2. Hello everyone! My name is George,currently im living in Moscow,Russian Federation. I am 24 years old. First of all I want to tell how my story began. In the early 2010 one friend of mine who was my companion in samp showed me MTA. We started from DD (which I didn't like a lot) and after some hours we found eXo DM server. I was really enjoying playing there until new server called -ffs- was opened. In the late 2010 I've stopped playing on eXo and started to play only on ffs till 2013. In 2013 I managed to find some more interesting DM servers like aR// and /TfF\. From this point my actual MTA career has started. Energy Pearl - |EP| - This clan was mostly active in 2012-2013. I used to be a part of it since October of 2012 till March 2013. That was the first time when i started to play DM gamemode as my main. The Favoured Few - /TfF\ - Perhaps this is the most significant part of my MTA career. I've joined TFF server in September 2013 and I was trying very hard to become a part of this community. I've spent hundreds of hours playing there and I improved myself a lot to prove myself that I'm able to become a part of such a big and great community as it was back in the days.I finally made it after few months and joined in February 2014. I was a part of it for almost 1,5 years until May 2015 when I left it because of my personal reasons. Old tff will always be something special to me. Elite Players - eP! - I just want to say that this team was something incredible and absolutely outstanding for me, even the fact that I was not active I really appreciate that I was able to be a part of this team till the end. I've met so many awesome and loyal guys in there. It was real pleasure to play with them and I hope that we can make it happen once again. I have been in several clans: |EP| - Energy Pearl [OP] - OverPowered aR// - Alien Racers -ftw- - For The Win /TfF\ - The Favoured Few eP! - Elite Players I do really expect to find awesome atmosphere. I also expect to meet and have fun with new and mature people and of course to reunite with all of my old friends. Firstly, i'm pretty mature, loyal and responsible person. I do really want to be a part of something big to make it even bigger and better. I am skilled and experienced in DM so i can help you out with clan wars and tournaments as reserve. I also got some experience with map testing and server administration. Last year I had less time to play because of my work, but I'm still trying to improve myself day by day. Also want to wish you all happy new year,hope that all of your wishes will come true this year. Thank you for reading! Best Regards,STAMPEDE!
  3. That's unexpected from you croatian feg.I know exactly what are you talking about since im even older than you but i wish you the best in you real life. Hope to see you soon somewhere around MTA. Always yours russian prick.
  4. Ninja Destroyer
  5. Yo mexy,welcome!
  6. Almighty Bob invited me in this community
  7. Awesome peperonnie,keep it up my dude! I know ur trying to be pro like me,it was a hard road for you and i see some success. But it's still long road to go. #BeProLikeStampyChallenge
  8. Trying to gain back my skills...Skill level group for now : Piece of fried potato.

  9.  Some issues with comp.. I'll come online as soon as possible:peace: 

  10. Im finally home... Im so fucking happy right now:6:

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    2. Randy



      oh wait

    3. SubShocK


      Can't imagine how pleasant it is to be home after a whole kinda hard year, I'm glad to see you back @Stampede. I don't know how the army is in Russia but it really sucks here also here its 2 years¬¬

    4. Stampede


      Thank you  :) I'm happy af! 2 years...dude it's sad

  11. Baby Terminator... Dafuck