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  3. UC|BaNDiT^ Your nickname, age and location: My name's Akylzhan and in game is BaNDiT^. I am 17 years old live in Kazakhstan, in the heart of Asia in Almaty Your MTA career(briefly): My career began at the end of 2011. I played in the basis of Samp on race servers, but one day my friend and I climbed on sites and came across the MTA: SA. That's when I have fun when I played it. My first server was Russian Party Server. On this server I have played almost 3 months but it was closed due to inactivity players. But after closing the server I'm throw playing in MTA . And I think, in July 2014, I found a server name FFS and that's when I'm started to have skills in DM maps Why do you want to join the upper class: Since there are so many nolifer people's and I would like to be with them as a team. And they are very friendly guys, I'm not a bad player has some skills in the hard maps, and I can be even better @BaNDiT# How do you assess your knowledge of the English language knowledge? (0-10): I can firmly say that 7 Do you consider yourself as a mature person?: "The only person with whom you have to compare yourself - are you in the past. And the only person, it is better that you should be, this is who you are now, " P.S but of course i can Your Skype name: BaNDiT^