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  1. DL:!EyQ1gA6b!ZGAIw8nR-nCK1O_2oDD4Dc-jh8HCRDOvuUOs-jAEyB4
  2. It's something unusual and you should give it a try. Gotta risk it to get the biscuit
  3. Looks incredible. any ingame screens?
  4. Hey all, had an idea to make this and who would would've been a better partner than @Gteatero ? The outcome is INSANE and I can tell you that not a lot of you will pass this ^^ Video by HyPeX ( in honor to Gteatero and Torene ) Thanks for watching! PS: Download will be added in a few days when song etc is added!
  5. ouch @Mixhet .. lassen wir ihn bordstein fressen oder?
  6. I'm so glad about this tournament, because it brought different communities together. I can happily say that I got to know a lot of new people from other gamemodes, especially my teammates from Black Box ♥ PS: The final was probably the most intense match I've ever played aswell and I've never seen that literally every player of the match brought advantages to their team. It was amazing!
  7. What an absolutely insane match. It was way more intense than I could ever imagine. Thanks for this experience! Here's the replay: Sadly from my point of view, because the streamers/recorders didn't appear. Therefore I didn't spectate phenomenal Ones a lot. Sorry in advance. This will be even more fun to watch, if you don't know the result yet! PS: I love this forum, because it saved my message after leaving this post by accident @V1SH4L @Siisti-C @LordHype @Surenos @Jmick @Mateoryt @airplaNe @BurN @Naval @1thwonder @Geminat0r @Master @Partyz thanks for being a decent 3/10 host.
  8. Great news!
  9. @Wanz @DeRoX @Naval decent time
  10. I would love to visit some island like Hawaii
  12. Weisst du noch, lass nolifen wenn der in den Sommerferien rauskommt HAHAH