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  1. Bear Grylls eating some vermin from a latin clan. ( not gonna tell which clan ) @airplaNe
  2. That's me, he's taking about me! Why us and not xN though? big +
  3. I liked it, personally and on the page. Is there a dl? @Goldy
  4. hello airplaNe, you didn't consider the fact that "internal overhyping" leads to external overhyping (unless there wouldn't be any leaks, neither talking about updates to the outside). I think I don't need to explain more. As you can see even neanderthals as @xAdidas have been " informed " that the next update will/might be good and he might get hyped due to that reason. Nice words though. Have a good day and a chicken dinner!
  5. What do you study and where?
  6. they did that with the events and it didnt really help. neither were the events too much fun though.
  7. I forgot a very important point: Gamemodes like Catch and Busted needed minor fixes, but yet they weren't made and that's the reason why I couldn't enjoy these anymore. They were a great variety to DM.
  8. 1. Agreed to Zoilo ( no players ) 2. I dislike the Userpanel feature a lot 3. Maps are not ordered ( I offered my help ) (e.G os maps in DM, bugged pick ups) That's it. everything else is perfectli, especially for people who like to make videos ( demo system )
  9.  SHAME SHAME SHAME- (Where are the GoT fans?)

  10. Lmao the edit Great job. Nice ad.
  11. 1. Boat part 2. whole spawn is hold w 3. After hold d (0:30 ) this curve is like in OS maps 4. again hold w after this and this is only the first 30 seconds^^ would be better if you leave these out next time, Sir
  12. Dat Hunterpart I don't like that the map is a mix of OS and HDM at the same time, but some parts are nuts. Record does also have a really good quality ps: You forgot the black skybox script