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  1. Good Luck! Everyone should get a chance,that's why he should get a chance for me but i will leave it to leaders of MAD,also for me MAD needs new members after a few lost members.
  2. Definitely it was my best time in the mta and nothing can change it... thanks for that awesome atmosphere and good time there... and thats actually end of an era . We have risen up after a lot of failures..and we showed that we are a really strong team and i think everyone will remember us so.I hope we will meet soon in some csgo matchmakings like always we we're doing it before clanwars or after jaja
  3. Rest in Peace Bro! still you are the best
  4. we do not know how it will end but we won't disappoint you!
  5. @Flip GL man,maybe this time
  6. Thanks Guys
  7. @Greck @Shenox @trend42 @Marque @Tomba120 @sYKu @Madlife everyone from Poland,and SHC Family
  8. it was amazing lesson for us ! Well Played !