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  1. MVP: @Moldy
  2. Well I wouldn't kick someone who is just a bit inactive, but take a look at "George" last time he was in the forum is more than a month ago lol same for some other members And it doesn't matter if they are active "inside". Their server is still gonna be a corpse with inactive members.
  3. Everything Shockwave just said is true. I like 6s but just take a look into your Clan Roster, all I see is a inactive team (like 1/4 is active). The last time you accepted trials was in fucking September. The problem isn't your server, the server is awesome, your scripters (Qualiti ) did a really good job but even your own team doesn't play there (and this is a really big problem). When your server opened I saw max. 1/2 of your team online (and even less within the next days), which is pretty sad since your own team always wrote things like "hype is real" etc. If I would be you, I would kick all REALLY inactive members (or give them a deadline) and get new members into the team. And stop having such high requirements for joining 6s, after all what happened with your clan within the last months I would never keep such high requirements for my clan. But I wish you the best and I believe you will make it through the tough time.
  4. Sazuke v4 - Following Dreams What's your favourite animal?
  5. Final Score (|6s - eP!): 0-20 Map Winners (team only): 1. eP!, eP! 2. eP!, eP! 3. eP!, eP! 4. eP!, eP! 5. eP!, eP! 6. eP!, eP! 7. eP!, eP! 8. eP!, eP! 9. eP!, eP! 10. eP!, eP! Make the dream come true bois
  6. - if any of present eP members remembers it, they should know what's comming. (RoNNiE#) pls no astronaut again hehe ᕦ(๏.๏)ᕥ