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  1. People say we can't have peace without a war, but it seems like the war that we are living will never stop. Deep down, I expect to have the opportunity to see all those communities involved in the "conflict" living pacifically, with their own player bases, their own thoughts, their own teams, their own conceptions, their own everything. Hence, we'll have players free to play wherever they want and whatever they want, such thing would be a beneficial reason to keep players interested in playing this game. All my respect and consideration to Sixth Sense, For Fuck Sake and other communities. I, honestly, just want to have some fun playing MTA:SA, it doesn't matter where, how and with who.
  2. Primarily, I would like to leave a image that speaks for itself. Secondly, I would like to declare that @ShockWave has nailed it. And the way that some guys reacted to his opinion is completely the reflection of the treatment that the most of administrators showed to their play base while the server was living its apogee. In my short experience as administrator, I noticed that some players always preferred to contact me instead of the other administrators online. So I wondered myself, why? Once I asked a regular player, that I don't intend to reveal name, why he always used to ask me questions while there were more than 5 administrators online and then he replied something like: "Because you, different from the others members, don't act like a conceited prick". After some messages, he ended up the conversation with the following message: "Sincerely, you don't fit to that clan, not even the tag fits to you". Ipsis litteris. I got in shock. I always intended to be myself, respect other fellow teams and players at all. A simple exercise that makes people look at you with different eyes. Obviously you guys know what I mean, come on. Let's be more friendly, let's be more sociable, let's be more cozy. Listen more to the others, please. Let's make @Sixth Sense walk on the right tracks once again. The server is done, and it's pretty smooth and full of new things. By the way, other relevant matter that you guys forgot was to clean the inactivity up and kick some members. I know that there are famous names and you guys don't want to loose them, but let's refresh the look of the clan. In other words, recruit new members, give them a chance. It's not so hard as it appears to be. Here in my country, we often use a word called "humildade", which can be translated as humility, a word that leads to the thought that you have to be modest enough to realize that you cannot be the number 1 in every single thing you do. Hence, you have to show respect for the other players, mainly their opinions and feelings. And well, if you guys are already resigned to the situation that you cannot be the bosses of the whole thing, it's time to think twice and try to achieve new goals or simply set new goals. If you guys want to create a server with a DM room only, "try" to make it the best DM room that the community have ever seen. But, pay attention to the verb in quotes. Avoid further frustrations. Be realistic. In conclusion, I would like to wish @Sixth Sense, my old house, all the best in its future, that have everything to be one of the most brilliant future regarding to communities related to MTA:SA. I'm with you, warriors. You guys have all the resources to make them feel it once again. Trust me! With sincerity, respect and love above all, @GuilhermE.
  3. Happy Birthday GuilhermE brother, Nice Next-Years

  4. Parabéns meu irmão, tmj <3

  5. -1

    I will try to be as brief as I can, since topics like this one are getting gradually more cliché. So, I've got to confess that I spent a fantastic time on this community throughout that period, but now it's time to say good bye. I don't really feel the same vibe that I used to when I joined this clan. I feel like I'm becoming a dead weight. Maybe you have already heard something similar from other member, but I can relate to the same. Using other words, I don't feel it too anymore. And, as I've been noticing, @Sixth Sense is needing players willing to do something that has never been done before and not enfeebled and obsolete members like me. I'm missing the good and old things that I used to do in this game, such as: playing clan wars, managing my own stuff and be free to play with no compromise above all. For real, I don't have space enough to do such things here, even though I have tried. In spite of all the aspects listed above, I would like to say that I don't remember anything that I've done in the last 2 months, but I remember exactly everything related to the beginning of my journey by this wonderful place. Good memories are less likely to fade. Hence, a lot of lived experiences and goals reached with my fellow teams will not be forgotten so easily – at least by me. Besides of that, I also would like to share that some things that I've learned with you will be useful even to my real life. Thank you for every single thing! Without further ado, I won't and I can't lie, I will keep playing this game, but I will be playing the most of time with my old friends, the ones that probably you all know, and with my old clan back. I'm sorry for disappointing you. I'm out. Sincerely Yours, @GuilhermE.
  6. Simply fantastic. You are one of my favourite new mappers, @Ceeser.
  7. Ta chido, muchacho.
  8. Name of the map: Noxious Force Author: @Gteatero

    1. GuilhermE


      Que sarro, lembrou-me de uma música do tempo dos meus pais.


  10. I got a little bit sad with the things I've read, but I wish you all the best anyway. "No conviene juzgar el todo por una parte."

    1. GuilhermE


      De fato, uma reflexão bem verdadeira de nosso glorioso filósofo Piton.

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  12. ¡Buen trabajo, pollito!
  13. Japan The creativity and intelligence of the people that live in the country. Next: France