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  1. <3
  2. Actually our scripts are neural networks therefore they learn over time and decide things themself, thats why this stuff happens.
  3. more autism, woop woop!
  4. noooooooh cunt ;c
  5. Being a part of this Community has been great so far, being able to develop things together with the whole development team has been one hell of a blast, i've met new friends simply due to Sixth Sense and i'd like to say thanks for that. Even after a failed first attempt we still will not give up, we've learned from our mistakes and i think its safe to say that we now know what we're doing, more than before. I'm wishing the best for year three, @Qualiti @airplaNe @Moldy @IntreLeX and i will develop the best possible MTA experience for you that our abilities allow us to. Stay tuned. ROTMG & Battlegrounds for life though oh and fuck @FanTa
  6. Re-opened by request.
  7. Life is Strange: Before the storm just got announced, i'm so done.

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. DeLeTe


      Life was and will ever be strange, depend how on the circumstances :peace:

    3. nGear


      @BreAkeR fite me bitch

      @SuhaibZ Fuck yeah, those two looked interesting too, especially Metro: Exodus, got high expectations for it :D 


    4. Alex


      hyped for Life is Strange, Anthem and Sea of Thieves

  8. We are meant for each other baby <3 Also, my story: before i joined 6s, @BapE @SkraXx and i were working on another clan (Rising Hawks), we've got our standard race set up, we had our 3d login panel and so on, then one day @airplaNe asked if he could work with us, we agreed and then (as airplane said) planned a few things but then stopped texting each other, a few days after that, @FiNN decided to pay me a visit and ask me if i'd like to participate in a new big project, after some thinking i've decided to accept and set rising hawks on halt. Since that day i'm here and i'm glad to be a part of this team, even though often i don't do shit ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Funny thing: a few days before @FiNN talked to me, @iRenox was also speaking to me and invited me, at that time though i didn't feel that Rising Hawks should be put on halt (because at that time we were still working very active on the project) so i declined. Kinda funny that i've got invited twice to the same clan in about 3 days time, GG clan organization <3
  9. with u and @Randy as leaders there's only 1 way for this clan to go


    and thats down

    downwards to the depths of my IQ score

    c u there

  10. I think we're dooooomed Jk lul finally 2 good leaders Please no kick
  11. Nudes of @BreAkeR To be bad at designing you need to ...
  12. can't u like stay away forever? when can i take over im active trust me seeyaaaaa cunt on a more serious note: Hoping the best for your time in university, im certain you'll probably even find a few good friends there and i'm certain that you've got everything under control. Thanks for everything so far and thank you for being as good of as a leader as you are (even if your kindness sometimes made things more difficult, at most parts it was a great thing though). See ya later
  13. Declined
  14. Sounds good, accepted
  15. Maybe in the future, but for now declined