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  1. wait, isn't that my job?
  2. Ah, alright! Thanks for clarifying!
  3. While i do agree that one should try to be original, i don't agree on the other part of your message. Being an inspiration to someone is always a great feeling, and as long as they are actually being inspired and don't rip it off there's nothing wrong with getting inspired by something, look at anything related to gaming, everything is inspired by something and builds on top of it, even if there are only some small changes. (and in my opinion this design is not a rip-off) Also @Corrupt You sure the last image is yours?
  4. <3
  5. Actually our scripts are neural networks therefore they learn over time and decide things themself, thats why this stuff happens.
  6. more autism, woop woop!
  7. noooooooh cunt ;c
  8. Being a part of this Community has been great so far, being able to develop things together with the whole development team has been one hell of a blast, i've met new friends simply due to Sixth Sense and i'd like to say thanks for that. Even after a failed first attempt we still will not give up, we've learned from our mistakes and i think its safe to say that we now know what we're doing, more than before. I'm wishing the best for year three, @Qualiti @airplaNe @Moldy @IntreLeX and i will develop the best possible MTA experience for you that our abilities allow us to. Stay tuned. ROTMG & Battlegrounds for life though oh and fuck @FanTa
  9. Re-opened by request.
  10. Life is Strange: Before the storm just got announced, i'm so done.

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. DeLeTe


      Life was and will ever be strange, depend how on the circumstances :peace:

    3. nGear


      @BreAkeR fite me bitch

      @SuhaibZ Fuck yeah, those two looked interesting too, especially Metro: Exodus, got high expectations for it :D 


    4. Alex


      hyped for Life is Strange, Anthem and Sea of Thieves

  11. We are meant for each other baby <3 Also, my story: before i joined 6s, @BapE @SkraXx and i were working on another clan (Rising Hawks), we've got our standard race set up, we had our 3d login panel and so on, then one day @airplaNe asked if he could work with us, we agreed and then (as airplane said) planned a few things but then stopped texting each other, a few days after that, @FiNN decided to pay me a visit and ask me if i'd like to participate in a new big project, after some thinking i've decided to accept and set rising hawks on halt. Since that day i'm here and i'm glad to be a part of this team, even though often i don't do shit ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Funny thing: a few days before @FiNN talked to me, @iRenox was also speaking to me and invited me, at that time though i didn't feel that Rising Hawks should be put on halt (because at that time we were still working very active on the project) so i declined. Kinda funny that i've got invited twice to the same clan in about 3 days time, GG clan organization <3
  12. with u and @Randy as leaders there's only 1 way for this clan to go


    and thats down

    downwards to the depths of my IQ score

    c u there

  13. I think we're dooooomed Jk lul finally 2 good leaders Please no kick
  14. Nudes of @BreAkeR To be bad at designing you need to ...