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  1. Hola Kareem, enjoy your stay!
  2. obv despacito ( and every JB song ) What's your favourite webshop?
  3. Hola, Equip here. I've been invited to a team but it won't participate so I'm looking for a new one right now. I used to play DD and Race as well but nowadays I only play on DM(Hunter) and WFF. Skype: equip.mta iamnolifersorry:c
  4. What's your name, nickname(s), age and location? My name is József ( Joseph ), and in-game I'm known as Equip / EQ!. I'm 18 years old right now and I currently live in Hungary, Reformátuskovácsháza. What are the most significant parts of your MTA career? I started to play MTA in the early 2011 or 12 ( I was around 12 years old ) on a hungarian server, called GoD. To be honest I was rager. I was raging so much, I always lost, I didn't know what to do and how can I control my car, but I wasn't alone, I'm sure. I was playing a lot of DD, funwars, etc. I also had few DD clans like Ds| and GoD also, which were hungarian clans. I only played because it was fun to destroy the enemy, and I met so much DD servers like DDC to get better and better. After all in a few years I found my lover, the real one. Somehow I met the DM, after 2 years of DD. I don't really know how this happened, but probably from GoD, cause it has DD and DM section too. I was driving like an idiot, pressing the arrows, the same feeling came out when I started to play DD. We had better not to speak about the hunter rofl. I was nolifing. I played Race for few month, but just for fun, nothing special. I tried to find the best server and I found servers like eXo, SHC. I've never had a clan except Ds| and GoD ( but I'm not sure, it was really long time ago ), so I wanted to try how it's going. I met some nice players like CrazyGamer, Burton, etc, the real veterans. It's really good to take a look back in time. I had a dream in my "carrier", and it was to be a part of SHC. As I remember I've been successfully accepted and the server closed. Unlucky. In these times I was playing everywhere. I had a journey servers by servers, I just didn't find my place. Didn't know where should I stay. There was a lot of servers, like VIP, TG, etc. In 2013 (?) a clan has been made by tereee., called mG#. It was the best hungarian clan with pretty nice players and results. Andro and Driver ( and me also ) was a part of it, it was really good. The clan has been closed, I don't really know why, maybe we had no motivation, or we didn't want to do it further, I don't know. The time passed, and the VIP clan organized a DM World Cup where we made a request. As I remember the hungarian squad has been beaten by Tunesia in the quarters. From there I don't really remember to the whole story and I am not sure that everything completely passed as I wrote it, but roughly, at least. I became a part of VIP in the late 2014. I also was in PiA, when it's opened the first time, and been there till the close. I had a break for like half month, and joined to GoD again. I wasn't enough motivated to join anywhere, I was thinking about gosh, I'm not enough good for these clans. Despite of the whole hungarian community and the bad-prepared team I left the clan. It was the time when I started to nolife hunter. I was getting better and better. I'm specialized to DM and hunter, but I also have DD skills due to the 2 years or more, and the funs, and sometimes going to relax to shooter or race. In few months ago I sent a PM to Reflex because I've seen that PiA is re-opened, but I didn't plan to join again. He just invited me and also promoted to CW/DM-Manager. I gave it a try, I accepted his invite. Everything went fine, few CW's had been organized and played, we lost them both and the team was kinda collapsed. Everyone was sad but I tried to keep the motivation up. I tried everything what I could, it went really well I think, but it wasn't enough. I was planning to leave. I just wanted to be free and I was very disappointed of the team and few members. When I left the clan I had a huge conversation with Reflex who told me to stay, but I didn't want to. Due to my internet connection I disappeared for a few weeks and at this time I applied to ER. I've been declined for not meeting the requirements. I agreed, I wasn't as active as it needed. I've already participated some cups like VIP, TFF, DDC where we reached really good results. We are participating in a new "challenge", named Royal Battle, organized by PiA. We are giving our best and we hope everything will be fine. I was thinking so much about mapping but sometimes I'm just not enough motivated. I'm pretty sure that these things are not the significant parts only, but broadly this is my "career". Have you been in any other clans? Yes, I've already been in several clans like: SHC ( the really old one ) GoD PiA ( twice ) mG# VIP ( DogZone's ) What are your expectations in Sixth Sense? Don't change too much. I mean, as a human. As I've seen this clan is a real family, I'm sure. I already told you I have no expectations and even if I have, they are general. The motivation, the humour, the friendly community and the family. I'm a motivated guy and I love to motivate the others, so if we are a little bit down, just motivate, encourage each other. Behave like a mature human so we can turn to each other with any kind of problem. How would you be useful to us? As I already mentioned, I don't like talking about such things. If there would be an option where you could ask my friends how good I am, or how bad I am, what are my weaknesses etc, that would be the best because he sees me from the outside and he could surely talk more straight. Whatever, it's not that case. I would say I'm an experienced DM and Hunter player so firstly I would be helpful in the DM section. I've already participated, seen and refereed a lot of tournament, cup, cw, so in my opinion I would be useful if its needed to play. I'm training so hard for WFF to get better and I'm on a good way, so it's not excluded if I can be useful there as well. I have lots of free-time and I always give my best even if sometimes I'm demotivated. As my friends told me I'm reliable but everyone has mistakes, so have I. Since I'm an experienced player and I was cw man. for PiA I can well-organize any kind of cups, cws, etc. Sometimes I just can't shut my mouth up, means sometimes I may talk a lot. I love making a great contact with the others, I love organizing and I'm patient as well but sometimes I get upset easily. Something more to add I was thinking about to add this to the top of my request or here, but I decided to write it down here, Some things have been copied from my first join request, I didn't want make a new one, because I would write closely the same. and to be honest the content is same. I want to prove that I'm good enough for this, and if I have to wait months for the accept, I'll wait as much as I have to. Good luck to the others and thanks for read my request.
  5. Juventus 2 - 1 Real Madrid Juventus 20 - 0 Stroiter hhhhhhhh jk.
  6. Can't wait to see how you guys will handle this whole thing. From here only better and more. Well deserved, keep it up.
  7. Don't take this as an insult, please. It's pretty nice from you that you are thinking about more and more ideas, gamemodes and about how to make MTA better. But. There are a lot of arenas ( better and better ) and as you can see noone uses it, sadly. In my opinion it's not worth to make a new arena, the developers have to make is perfect, the community or only the team has to think twice how they make it and it can be time-wasting. For example there is the gladiator arena, catch and so on.. If they make a new arena like this, and now comes the question. Who would play on it? Okay, it would be a new gamemode, some of you would try it, but wouldn't be long-lived. If it's easy to make and if someone sees the future in it, or if someone thinks it can be good, I don't mind, it's surely fun. No offense.
  8. I'll kinda miss you even if we don't know each other. It's sad to see the veterans leave this game, absolutely understandable after 8(?) years. After my 5 years I would say I won't leave this game but it'll come once, I know, so clear decision. Good luck in the future and take care, buddy.
  9. Eehm, as I've seen the video few hours ago I just said well, your maps are quite ok, I've never had any problems with them, so I was about to give it a try. While I was driving, the map absolutely gave the effects back what I've already seen in the video. I would say the decoration fits really well with the track and it's enjoyable to drive on it. I haven't got any bugs yet even if it seems like some parts could drop me away. Credit goes for RiseR as well, nice record. Keep it up guys. Kind Regards, Equip
  10. It was a really intense clanwar spiced with some exciting moments. Before the break I said well, this game is going to be balanced but after all 6s took the lead. When it was 10-8 I was pretty sure TC will take that 2 points, they did. On the last map I probably was more excited than you guys, my heart started to beat faster and faster, lol. If TC doesn't fail at the end like that they may take the round, but you guys got this. Both of you played really well, I thought there will be much more fight but it was pretty friendly. I would like to say thank you for giving the possibility that I could be one of the referees, I appreciate it. Congratulations. Kind Regards, Equip
  11. Thanks for your reply and let me thank you that you reminded me about these things, I absolutely forgot to mention them. I've already played a lot of tournaments, clanwars, cups and I've seen a lot of them outwardly as well, I think I can well-organize them. I learnt some things during my CW/DM Manager period as well. I would say I'm experienced, patient and I can make a great contact with the others. It's kinda weird to say but I love talking in some situations, although my English isn't perfect as you can see. It means I could manage some stuffs, but my English doesn't let it, hhhhh. In summary, the Event Organising and PROBABLY the Management could be ok for me. I don't think if I can desing or modelling, these stuffs are not for me, haha. Thank you once again. Kind Regards, Equip