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  1. @DeLeTe Some people are literally investing thousands of hours of time ONLINE to create a better gaming experience for hundreds more. Even if it is a game, it doesn't change the fact that even MTA clans are the property of people who are passionate to create, experiment, improve their knowledge and have fun at the end of it all. It is natural for clans to compete for a better name, just like in the real world it is for a manufacturer to get a better name in the market. What we learn right now here, we might as well use for real life experiences so I don't think you should exclude the "online world" out of reality. If someone is throwing shit at the work you have done, you really shouldn't be a cuck, step away & let others trash the name of your property, especially when FFS has been doing it for years, trying to get rid of any possible threat with false allegations, money, or whatever comes to Sniper's mind. It's about time someone with influential voice stacks their crimes into one thread for people to read. Not saying 6s was always perfect to do so. I as well shat on them when I was part of TC and felt a sense of competition among our clans. But at the end, I must respect what they have done over these 2+ years because truly not everyone is capable of maintaining a community like such.
  2. I must say FFS provided one of the worst gaming experiences to me. There's even more shit that can be added to that whole pile of ranting. Anyway, good luck to yall and I appreciate your time collecting all the evidence. #fuckFFS
  3. Guess I was a bit overconfident with my lack of preparation from the beginning. Had plenty of dumb or unlucky fails that made me want to smash my monitor (don't quote) and leave. Still was a pretty fun clanwar regardless. Glad I did these mistakes in a less important war. That just means I'll take that experience and won't redo same shit in WFF. Thanks.
  4. will be streaming my perspective if someone's interested or if there's a stream needed https://www.twitch.tv/1909130119/
  5. 6s 70 - 70 Z MVP: xDarK1nG
  6. Liberals
  7. Dream teams don't exi-- FiNN, nGear, airplaNe, Spotlight, Pablow, Corrupt, spAik, Tommeh, Maar1a, DogZone, RoNNiE, Satan, BonBom, SquoniX. ¯\_ツ_/¯
  8. Only if you didn't take people's opinions as hate and accepted criticism.. No one's fault it is, only your own mistakes and there are a lot of them. @nGear Am I supposed to look up for some evidence from the beginning of 2016 when you couldn't accept people criticizing your unoriginality, unfairness in clan wars and ego of some of your members that are not in the team already? I'm not blaming the ones developing in particular but you as a team built that one layer which I doubt you could ever remove from your clan's history. Peace.
  9. Hard Fury by Flash, sYKu and Cookie
  10. No prob @nGear, always happy to help. Glad you're finally done. Well, almost.
  11. 50bps is pure memory waste. For 1080p60fps the best option is to keep it at lowest - 10. It's highly suggested to keep it at 12. Either when you render the video or upload it to YouTube, it's decreased. Try comparing file sizes when you record it at 10bps and while rendering the recorded media - rendered video will be larger but the quality is same.
  12. Meh, are we still going to meet irl?