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  1. " Thaman 2 " Glad to present you the second part of the "Thaman" series, also it is the last one as well. Unfortunately Nitron wasn't able to record it so I decided to give it to Riser - seems like it wasn't a bad decision. Thank you Riser ! More informations : Song's name : e-dubble - Changed My Mind Credits : Lights: Audi A7 By Nitron (REMADE by Blueray : Pasted in the Infernus) Infernus: RRecords infernus by Blueray (Private) Theamg intro - By RiseR RRecords intro - By RiseR
  2. I'm wondering if he ever heard about MTA players's love for his songs..
  3. Second one is awesome, I can try.
  4. Hi peeps ! A few days ago I've started a new map which I personally like a lot. I wanted to make it as a volume but I realized that I can't handle this style that well, so I'm going to make it a featuring map. I am not sure how many people will work on the map so I took a few screenshots. Note that even my parts are not completely decorated. If someone's interested, leave your skype below. Have a nice day !
  5. I don't have a favourite one. I love all kind of food <3 What's your favourite server ?
  6. Sons of Anarchy. What's your favorite breed of dog ?
  7. Download Note*: On a few servers, the orange modded tunnels might not work perfectly. There are a few visual problems - the objects disappears 1-2 seconds sooner before you pass it.
  8. Welcome buddy !
  9. -

    Welcome mate !
  10. I serisously wasn't expecting this. Take care of you man.