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  1. Congratulations dear trials, you all deserved it.
  2. Happy anniversary pals. My full-hearted wishes for the community this year.
  3. Have a wonderful birthday Robert. I wish your every day to be filled with lots of love, laughter, happiness and the warmth of sunshine.:8:

  4. Happy Birthday boudi ! :8:

    1. Boudi


      Thank uu:Heart:

  5. The holly month of Ramadan is here, I'd like to wish a blessed and peaceful month to muslims and everyone. May your best wishes of peace and prosperity come true. Happy Ramadan!
  6. LSA

  7. Team Leader: Team Color: #008080 The Dominators: WestM MAgNiTo BouDi Tarin McLareN Viper Waveride ArMexy
  8. Congratulations everyone, you deserved to be in. For those who didn't join this time, don't give up. Have a good night!
  9. Just one week, and we’ll see you again. Have fun!
  10. Long time no see, we have missed you. Welcome back, anyways.
  11. Wish you quick recovery, get well.
  12. Congratulations to the new leaders, fully deserved. One of the best moves 6s has done this year.
  13. You'll probably be missed, good luck!
  14. You were not appealing to us. Declined
  15. You're not real ZED Declined