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  1. Final Score (|6s - DDC): 13-7 MVP: Harry
  2. Thank you for this amazing opportunity, Feels good to be in a clan especially with you guys, looking forward to see what's coming next. congratulations to DRiVeR and wb Zoilo, RoNNiE and Hidin!
  3. Final Score (|6s - -ffs-): 13-7 for 6s MVP: JoinT
  4. Final Score (|6s - #Z): 13-7 Map Winners: 1. |6s, |6s 2. #Z, |6s 3. |6s, |6s 4. #Z, #Z 5. |6s, #Z 6. #Z, |6s 7. |6s, |6s 8. #Z, |6s 9. |6s, |6s 10. |6s #Z
  5. Yeeah finally ❤❤
  6. Final Score (|6s - XpR): 76-64 MVP: Zoilo
  7. uff epic edit
  8. What's your name, nickname(s), age and location? My real name is Ali, nickname ingame xRAGE, i'm currently 20 years old living in Saudi Arabia What are the most significant parts of your MTA career? Well, it all started back in 2009 when I was watching these modded vehicles and drifting videos about MTA:SA/GTA:SA, you know what I mean. and I actually thought this is some special edition of GTA:SA on PS2, after visiting so many game stores I finally found out that the game is compatible with PC, and I literally spent weeks searching for a way to download it along with MTA:SA. After running the game I joined some Arabic freeroam servers, YEAH the Drifting ones, but it became boring really quick, and I wanted to move and look up for something else, found an Arabic "Basemode" server called "S3OD", I had fun on that server, I met new people, but after a while, the server's owner left the game, and afterwards the server started to lose it's popularity. Later, a friend invited me to a Race server Called |GangS| a.k.a -[DP]-, I liked the idea of the gamemode, the atmosphere, after months of playing there I got invited into the clan. God knows how much happy I was about it, I nolifed the shit out of the server. but unfortunately, the clan closed because many players left the game and leaders were in lack of interest in leading the clan, only two of the members are still playing this game, @Gonzalez~ and @King12pro So, at that time I wasn't playing on a specific server, but sometimes I play on ffs, and in the end of 2012 I found out about TfF (The favoured Few), because (to be honest) FiNN was playing there, and many players too ;d I had a great time there, met new brothers, real brothers which I'm still in contact with, I improved my driving skills, spent almost 2 years playing there, time passed, and somehow I left the server, then started playing on ffs again, I tried my luck on joining the clan, but failed, and here I am. Have you been in any other clans? -[DP]- Double Power [Closed] What are your expectations in Sixth Sense?: My first expectation is to meet new people, to have fun and enjoy being in a clan with my brothers, since i haven't join a clan in years this is the most important thing for me I also expect Sixth Sense to be well-organized, active, helpful and friendly members. How would you be useful to us? Actually i don't know to be honest, i'm not a designer or a developer, i don't know if i can be useful to you guys, my driving skills are not bad, i can help with clanwars if needed, even tho i don't like playing clanwars, you can just ask me anything and i'll try my best doing it.
  9. ¿¿¿ ͡-͜ʖ͡´'- ???
  10. any help? i used GGMM
  11. Drake v4 - Homebound