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  1. Good luck buddy and take care of yourself
  2. Should be an interesting match, I hope both sides will show the best performance, the strongest will win.
  3. Already installed, amazing job man.
  4. Past in the past @DogZone
  5. OW kinda unexpected.Thanks for accepting me, i will try not to disappoint you. Also congratz to the other trials too, they all deserve it.
  6. Hello 6s community, I'm willing to introduce myself to all who didn't hear or heared about me but doesn't know much in order to ligthen your knowledge and to see if I'm worthy to be part of your team and community. What's your name, nickname(s), age and location?: My name is Dima I'm 20 years old from Russia, my city of resident is Ryazan and my nickname in the game is Tryhard. What are the most significant parts of your MTA career?: I have been playing MTA for over 5 years by now, I think that's really enough to know about everything in it. Multi Theft Auto firstly was just a normal game for me because I played it for a short period then I would stop somewhen, but that's not what happened. I saw MTA as a total new life where you have new friends and seeking fortune, I became really addicted to the game when I had friends like Girard or Kurato as I was together with them in many teams, I have achieved a lot in this game and one of my greatest achievements that I became experienced Destruction Derby player, as some people might seeing the game unworthy to be played, I see that it's and will always be the best community for such a game and I have none but one desire to stay as long as possible in the game to have new fellas around. It all started 5 years ago that when I started learning about the game basics and knowing some people, my first important part throughout my career was when I knew about clans and joined FOTL (Firestarters of the Land) there I had a lot of experience as I was mainly a Destruction Derby player, I played with cool guys and had more advance in the way of playing Destruction Derby and communicating. The year was about to end so I also went inactive and it caused leaving the clan but as my membership ended with FOTL, it started with another great clan which was GoD (Gladiators of Darkness) as you might know it's one of the oldest clans and communities over this game and we had great team in it so we made a good clan wars history. The part I also recall is when i joined GF (Green Force) as known it's one of the best Destruction Derby clans overall. Have you been in any other clans?: Yes, throughout my career I have been in these listed clans below; FOTL - As you might know it's one of the oldest clans in history and also was good specialized in DD back then. (I left cause of inactivity). TC - It wasn't that old, it's one of the best experiences I had in the clan but unfortunately I couldn't stay in as long as I wanted for being underestimate by the old DD leader. PiA - Had good moments in it, but bad moments were much more with some of them. (Ended being kicked for no specific reason). GoD - It was also a mark in DD as it was the oldest standing clan and it's history is full of greatness. (The leaders were totally inactive and most of the members left). GF - As you might know it had some good moments in DD and it's history is well too. (It was closed). RLX - Had a lot of good moments and I was one of those who made it's history. (It was closed). WayDC - Was the best Russian clan and was one of the bests in total. (Closed). SHC - They had a great attitude as they gave me the leadership of their DD section but we hadn't permission to invite players as we were only 2 active DD'ers in the clan. (As well as the leaders inactivity, it affects and we sadly left). What are your expectations in Sixth Sense?: As known Sixth Sense is one of the most active clans in Multi Theft Auto it has different events day by day and the content of their events itself is promising, so I'd expect the good fair leadership who leads our team and community to further advance and to motivate the members to do their best. As I also noticed Sixth Sense is the only community that cares about the Destruction Derby gamemode and I expect them to provide the best services for the future Destruction Derby team and events. How would you be useful to us?: Well, I know how to take rightful decisions that lead to better improving. As experienced Destruction Derby player I can lead a team, play as a big role in a team and be loyal to it, I have never became a selfish guy who leaves a team for another as I get the opportunity. I always have reasons and I double think about it (who doesn't know me personally may think that it's not true and I hope you don't miss judge me). Thanks and have a good day.