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  1. Hi, First of all, i would like to apologize you for answering you lately. And i would like to thank you for your proofs. Just to let you know those proofs that you've shown me are valid. That's all i have to answer you. Good luck Sharkkz
  2. Uhmm, let me know when your application is ready locked
  3. Hello Sharkkz Thanks for making an application here, I have a question regarding to your previous clans. Could you show me proofs that you were in PoweR and DP clans, please? Hint: Keep in mind the clan servers that you have been played don’t mean you were a member of the clan. Thanks
  4. Declined. Applying to two clans simultaneously is prohibited.
  5. Hi, after getting an investigation about your JR You're not allowed to post any JR in future Therefore, I'm gonna decline it for making two different JRs for the same person
  6. As requested
  7. Hi, Thanks for your interest in joining us By our new set of rules, I must decline your join request. The reason might be one of the following: Not enough experience Not enough information/effort present in the application Below-average English skills Your reputation doesn't fit our statement We hope you find a suitable place for yourself inside our community and try again another time.
  8. Final Score (|6s - -ffs-): 13-11 MVP: Deamonik
  9. Would be thankful if you stop pushing your topic over this community
  10. @BlueRay
  11. I prefer laptop, reason is
  12. Well done Gteatero!
  13. Now The real Elite Players clan members has been met together Welcome @Martis and Congratulations to @SheldoN @Bari and DDers loyal
  14. No ty