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  1. Score: 11-9 for TC MVP: Jmick
  2. Final Score (|6s - [GoD]): 17 - 3 Map Winners (team only): 1. |6s, |6s 2. |6s, [GoD] 3. |6s, |6s 4. [GoD], |6s 5. |6s, |6s 6. |6s, |6s 7. |6s, |6s 8. |6s, |6s 9. |6s, |6s 10.|6s, [GoD]
  3. Final Score (|6s - /TfF\): 11:9 Map Winners (team only): 1. |6s, |6s 2. |6s, /TfF\ 3. /TfF\, 6s 4. /TfF\, /TfF\ 5. 6s, 6s 6. /TfF\, |6s 7. 6s, /TfF\ 8. /TfF\, /TfF\ 9. |6s, |6s 10. 6s, /TfF\
  4. Lord.RemTek Germany Founder DD Manager Lord.- Austria Member DD Player Lord.Kicker Lithuania Member DD Player Lord.Skrillex Serbia Member DD Player Lord.GreleK Polen Member DD Player Lord.- Austria Member DD Player Lord.JusT Germany Leader OS Manager Lord.Sabrosa Bosnia Member OS Manager Lord.- Polen Member OS Player Lord.Mati# Polen Member OS Player Lord.Roman Moldova Member OS Player Lord.- Azerbaija Member OS Player Lord.Ademdo Bosnia Leader Map Manager Lord.- Germany Member Designer Lord.Mochib Tunisia Member Race Player Interested to join us? Write a join Request "here". But check before our "Join Request Template" out. Good Luck, RemTek out.
  5. The Lords.™

    This clan based on all most famous gamemodes. We are looking for players with professional skills to complete our team. We aren’t looking for “kids” simply want respect among all and no clutter in clanwars.
  6. I have no idea from [MaD]'s skill in DD and Shooter. so its random took. Maybe, i have the same luck like at last clanwar bets. Score: Shooter score: 6:2 for 6s Hunter score: 1:1 DD score: 8:0 for 6s Race score: 4:4 DM score: 4:2 for 6s WFF score: 2:6 for MaD
  7. Your currently and former nickname(s), age and location: My former nick name was R3mt3k, but i think it's just the same right now (RemTek). I'am 17 year's young and life in Germany near München. How long have you played MTA?: More than 3 year's for sure. Have you been in any other clans (if yes, name of them)?: |FT| Fellow Team and lots of ffs clans.. Why do you want to join g0ld StaR?: Well, i think it's a great clan and i want meet new friends. What can you do for our team?: Playing CWs, Tournaments and more.. Your Skype or ICQ?: you have me already. Something about you?: My real name is Mark and I like trains. Just ask me, if you want to know more about me. RemTek out.
  8. As i see, [Ne] had very bad luck at this cw. Maybe its possible to make a rematch in few months... Anyway Good Luck [Ne] with future cws. It was a pretty easy and clear game for 6s. GJ.
  9. Score: 12-8 for 6s MVP: Partyz Map winners: 1. Partyz, F3NN 2. F3NN, DRiVeR 3. RoNNiE#, F3NN 4. Partyz, Techo 5. Partyz, RoNNiE# 6. Ronaldo!, Partyz 7. DRiVeR, Bre/A\keR 8. DRiVeR, F3NN 9. Partyz, DRiVeR 10. Techo, Ronaldo!
  10. Username: RemTek Country: Germany Gamemode: Destruction Derby Contacts (Skype/Discord): R3mt3khd