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  1. After a long time of thinking, I decided to cancel my join request. You guys already have great players to play in clanwars, so having me would be redundant plus I won't be that active after my exams will start and they're nearly there. Cancelling this join request doesn't mean I don't like the clan. I still think MAD is one of the greatest clans I've ever seen and I wish you guys good luck in the future and during LS. Sorry for wasting your time. I hope you guys won't hate me for this.
  2. As I said, I will never talk about someone's private life without any reason. Matee asked me something about my sisters and then you said something like "Matee could easily bang your sisters", if I can remember it right. I wasn't even talking with you and you said that out of nowhere and I couldn't deal with it and starting about X. And yes, I started provoking after that aswell. I don't want to make a big deal of this, since I won't talk to you again and try to avoid being in the server with you.
  3. My argument with NoHear wasn't the only reason to leave DDC, but it was one of the main reasons. I don't like him and it's also his fault letting me hate him. He always provokes me when I join the server and the argument I had with him yesterday was about his stupid reaction to Matee. If I can remember it right, it was about my sister. I didn't like that, so I started talking about his problems in real life. I have to admit that I may crossed the line, but he has been really annoying lately. I won't headbutt in your private life out of nowhere, so it's kind of strange that he acts like he doesn't do anything wrong. About my manners, I know how to behave and when to shut up. I've had no problems with any other DDC player except for NoHear and in my point of view he started everything from the beginning. After I have left the DDC community, I won't have any contact with him, so I guess it isn't a real problem.
  4. I'm talking about Team Epsilon, not Elite Players.
  5. Nickname: YigithaN, ygtz Real name: Yigithan Date of birth: 26.07.2000 Country and city: The Netherlands, Zoetermeer Contact info: Skype: jayz00r Previous clan(s): eViL KRO TPI ep! Why do you want to join us?: I've been thinking about leaving the DDC community for a long time, but I had no idea where I could play or with whom. Since many friends of mine are MAD members, I thought that I could easily fit in this clan. I have to say that you guys are rather a family than a clan and it looks like you guys are well organised and that's what I'm looking for. This clan has been very active and succesful through the years I played this game, so that makes me want to join even more. Another reason to join this clan is that you guys play clanwars with WFF rules and that's what I like the most. How can you contribute with us?: I can help in OS and DM clanwars, but I like playing OS more. Some of you may know me from DDC and I can say that I am/was one of the fastest players there. Tell us more about yourself: My name is Yigithan and I live in The Netherlands. In my free time I like going out, playing football and gaming. I work as a deliver in a restaurant and I have to say that I'm the fastest deliverer in The Netherlands (;P). I'm also preparing for University at the moment, even though I'll be going there in 1,5 years. In that time I'll be having many exams, so there will be periods in which I won't be able to play MTA that much. Thanks for reading, - ygtz