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  1. Exactly my thoughts, glad somebody expressed exactly how i feel in the most descriptive and polite way. Hopefully all users of FFS will open their eyes and realise the truth one day. #fuckffs
  2. @DeLeTe i hope you will remember this.
  3. Congrulations fellas. @DeLeTe weren't you in tff lol.
  4. I am going to be honest. You guys has created one of best server design if you ask me and it's just shame to see your work is unappreciated so you have to work on Sixth Sense 2.0. Script designs are pretty good. But i can't see much new things in server such as new gamemode, new shop feature or anything like that. Fix me if i am wrong. So why would people play in a server and start from the bottom again and stop playing in the server where he gained tons of EXP and cash? You should ask yourself "Why users should rather play in 6s than other servers". Design is not everything. Maybe a room that no server ever has yet might be good idea to be implemented in Sixth Sense. Also yeah, i never seen a new server that has a loyal playerbase. Most users are hanging in old communities nowadays so your job is little bit hard. Thinking about new ways to advertise server should be thought too.
  5. @DarkFly# ne ara v7 yaptın amk. olsun geliştirmişsin kendini, helal olsun kanka. Nice record, mate.
  6. Time passes by so quick, i was feeling like 6s almost turning 1 year old. Congrulations with all your accomplishments. Your server was pretty good already, i wonder what else you will find to add in second version, good luck.
  7. Yeah, i was suggested the same thing to Nexus and he said to me just hold on. I also help him with some small CSS details such as buttons etc. As i mentioned, it's still on beta version. Almost forgot, here is our discord channel. You have one day to activate that link.
  8. - New platform of scriptings and mappings! Some of you may heard about MTASource before. MTASource was an active MTA:SA related website in year 2013 and 2014. Due to some financial problems, website has been shut down by creator of the community, Nexus, at second year. Now Nexus, and moderation team of MTASource is trying his best to revive old MTASource from ashes back. Website is currently on beta mode, but you are still able to upload your maps and stuff there! There will be new features in the future. What is MTASource is MTA:SA game related website which provides free scripts and maps for registered or unregistered users of website. Except V.I.P resources, you have full permission(as creator of the resource limited you usage of resource) and control of the resource after downloading it. You are able to upload your Deathmatch, Hard Deathmatch, Destruction Derby, Shooter, Trial, Race and Fun maps in map without activation or waiting time. You can also share your script in MTASource if you have enough permission to share it. We do not take responsiblity of shares of leaked resources in our community unless one of administrators or moderators done it. By reporting leaked resources, you will help us to stay legit and save privacy of creators. If you have any other questions, you can contact moderation team of MTASource by contact informations given below. GeroX(me) Active Nexus gerox-mta And yes, i have permission from FiNN for creating this thread. See y'all around!
  10. Tell me if you can't check the link, even if you added my steam. Write your offers below, don't send trade request. You can trade anything you want, it doesn't have to be CS:GO related. Steam: geroxmta Skype: gerox-mta
  11. And me, here, in Silver 3, playing with people who doesn't know where is "Long". It happened today, lost 16-1.
  12. I am happy in my country fella, No. Have you ever seen a rhino tank tries to evade police cruiser?
  13. I was about to say "Weren't you already left?", then i realised signatures. Good bye!
  14. Welcome to 6s fella!