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  1. @Pablow @Wanz faggs
  2. hahah damn martis xdd
  3. No , don´t play those kind of games. Have u ever took drugs except alcohol or cigaretts ?
  4. Thanks guys yea DarkFly your wisdom is totally correct , I´ve just forgot about eP! . Thanks for reminding
  5. Nickname: DeRoX name: Kevin Date of birth: 26.09.1998 Country and city: Germany (Lemgo) Contact info: Skype: kevin.u5 Previous clan(s): |-XpR-| 2013 March - September 2013 , 2014 July - August 2014 , 2015 August - September 2016 , /TfF\ January 2014 - June 2014. eP! September 2014 - January 2015. Some more little clans I´ve joined in 2012 and between the periods but ain´t worthwhile to mention Why do you want to join us? I wanna try something new and i know MAD for a long time. I heard about smooth and good clan atmosphere and sometimes i got in contact to some members like Kamen , Fightfox or Pablow. How can you contribute to us? I am a very active and skilled DM player and i have a long time experience in MTA and i´m well trained in things of speed like WFF. I wanna bring some skill and success in this clan. My Hunter skills are also mentionable Tell us more about yourself: So yea I am 18 years old and currently living in Lemgo a small city in Germany. My current school is a vocational training college for business and admistration ! I exactly 5 weeks i fly to the USA (Los Angeles and New York) to see the world and also improving my english skills to another level which helps me in work and for my future. Thank you for reading my JR and i look forward to hearing from you soon DeRoX
  6. finn ma nigga

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      Racist kevin... Merkel doesn't like that!