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  1. Oh, Daddy, only your parts are good. BEST SONG
  2. Looks pretty good, good luck in finding partner
  3. CresheZ v5 - Happy End
  4. Hello @SubShocK I think that everyone knows that I have been in too many clans. After I joined 6s I wanted to open a new page in MTA to forget about my old mistakes, joining new clans over and over again was one of them. About my leaving of FFS Gaming: FFS isn't a clan for me. I didn’t feel comfortable staying there. When I was in 6s, there have been many people who talked with each other in various chats and I thought every of those bigger clans work like this. After all I just didn’t feel good being in FFS, and I felt it from the very start. I even felt the desire to stop playing MTA because I was so bored out. At that point I realized what my next logical step should be. When I left I was a bit shocked of the reactions of the FFS members against me. All I can say is that I don’t regret my decision after what I’ve witnessed yesterday. Why 6s? I can say that even though I had a short stay in 6s, it felt like a new feeling I’ve never had in MTA. I can tell that I was very comfortable in the clan and I would never have left, but that stupid mistake of me got me out and the depression afterwards lead me into more stupid mistakes. I know that I should have reapplied back then, but the past is written and I try to make the best out of it. I am publicly apologizing to all 6s members, I hope I deserve a second chance.
  5. What's your name, nickname(s), age and location?: My name is Gleb. My nickname is SheldoN. I'm 15 years old. I live in Tiraspol,Moldova What are the most significant parts of your MTA career?: I started playing MTA in 2010. I remember that my friend showed me this game. At first, I only played on servers with the “Play” gamemode. By the end of 2011/beginning of 2012 I randomly went to the DM-Race server called German Planet Race. There, I tried to find out what DM is for the first time. Although, I did not know how to play well, I really wanted to join the server’s clan which was called PR (Planet Race). All my attempts ended up in failure. Luckily, I didn't give up and managed to learn how to play well. Throughout my career, I have met many different types of people, had a good time with them and last but not least made many mistakes which I do I regret now. One of them and most likely my only “bigger” mistake was clan hopping. I was a no lifer, was finishing hardest maps and people from clans were noticing & inviting me. I didn’t even know the members of those clans, yet I still joined. I simply couldn't stay in those clans for a long time. This continued for a couple of years until I grew up a bit. As far as I remember I joined the clan nTL (Nothing To Lose) at the end of 2015. I stayed in nTL for about 8 months and left some weeks before clan was closed because I've found the clan of my dreams - XpR (Xtreme Pro Racers). The clan was very active with very professional players. Many players called me "clan jumper" and I decided to change for XpR. I spent a lot of time for XpR, closed 3 applications, but in the end, I finally changed and I realized that I made a lot of mistakes. In addition to that I lost interest in this clan, I realized that I have changed and I wanted something more, a bigger clan where I could stay for a long period of time. Soon I found out about Sixth Sense. Although, I did not know its members, I decided to try out my luck which ended in a success. There, I played my first WFF match. Without being arrogant, the first game has shown me that I had a little WFF talent sleeping in me. I've spent a great time there and found a lot of friends. Sadly, I was kicked from the clan by my own mistake. I think everybody knows it and I don't have to explain what happened. At first, I wanted to go back and created new JR but I had a conversation with FiNN after which I closed my JR. I decided to try to join FFS (For Fuck Sake). I can't say that I have spent a bad time being FFS member but all I can say is that FFS is not for me. Have you been in any other clans?: |6s - Sixth Sense -ffs- - For Fuck Sake What are your expectations in Sixth Sense?: I don’t expect something unusual. I was in Sixth Sense already and I can say that it is a wonderful clan. The community is full of friendly people. Everyone works hard and contributes. Together with them I want to have fun as in good old days. Also, I would like to ask for forgiveness to those who got offended by my own blatant mistake. With the upcoming 2.0 I will try to push my activity to my personal limits to make 6s the best community out there to play at. How would you be useful to us?: At first, I'm an experienced MTA player, which means I could help 6s in different tournaments or clan wars [WFF/DM]. I'm not a scripter or developer, but I learn different things quite quickly. So, if you need me to help you somehow, I will always try my best, no matter what. Also, I could help you in other ways like organizing/refereeing tournaments and events. I will help players on the upcoming server to solve their problems. Something to add: I know I made a mistake that have put me in a very bad position. Hope you guys can forgive me and take back into your family.
  6. Congratulations to new trials uff 2.0 ... can't wait
  7. Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru // Masamune-kun no Revenge Who's your favourite MTA player
  8. How old is this map? & released just now. Nice quality tho. Work more on intros @TemptatioN
  9. Who's your favourite superhero?
  10. Kidoilo...
  11. Amazing map...MASTERPIECE
  12. Happy 2nd birthday, Sixth Sense
  13. @nGear best scripter evah