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  1. Final Score: Sixth Sense 13 : 7 For Fuck's Sake MVP: JoinT
  2. Partyz > Sheldon
  3. LMAO I don't see anything complicated to tell you the same in real life. Never seen someone selling infernus mods, not even talking about its parts. Good luck, maybe you'll find some kind of fool to sell it
  4. Would rather ask any modeller to make such spoiler than buying it for 15$ Anyways I see nothing special in your work...just a spoiler which costs 0.000015$
  5. Hello everyone. I'd like to show you my another ft request. I really want to finish this project, that's why I'm searching for 1 or maybe 2 guys who can finish this. Once again special thanks goes to JohnY for an amazing video/edit. Contact me via. Skype: glebgal Discord: Sheldon#1674
  6. I was making a 7min+ map, that's why I wanted first 3min to be boring and then I dropped this project. I decided to let somebody else finish this. Anyways, wait some days for the next ft request
  7. ------Hello------ Today I'd like to present you my ft request. Let me make it short. I'm searching for 1 or 2 partners to finish track and to make decorations. Special thanks goes to JohnY for such a good record and edit. Contact me via. Skype: glebgal Discord: Sheldon#1674
  8. Well played both teams. Sadly, I couldn't participate this clanwar due to my illness. I hope we will have a rematch soon and maybe the outcome will be not in your favour) @Mixhet no mvp, kiddo
  9. Great work for real and you made it just for some days xd. Amazing + easy to use.
  10. Well, I'm by surprised by this news. Didn't expect that I'd join... Anyways, I would like to say thanks to all of you for giving me a chance to be a member of this wonderful family again. Congratulations to other trials
  11. Like x100312124 times better than nowadays map releases. The map looks pretty good + really good edit and quality. Good job @Spotlight!
  12. 6s 73 : 67 #Z MVP: airplaNe