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  1. @ryderrr only friends
  2. I would like to thank you for giving me the chance to be part of the family. I hope it will be better now, MTA becomes more interesting! Congratulations to the rest of the team. But wait 6s = ep 2.0?
  3. JAJAJAJA for this I strive
  4. Happy Birthday Elias! I wish you the best ;) 

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      Same from me! Happy bday hunter beast!

  5. What's your name, nickname(s), age and location?: My real name is Simon but in Polish language it's sounds Szymon. My nickname in-game is sYKu. At November I'll finish 17 years old. I live in Poland in a tiny town called Brzeg (between Wroclaw and Opole). What are the most significant parts of your MTA career?: My whole story of MTA:SA started at the end of 2012 then I was curious about the difference of each of the servers. I got a little hype to play very often in that game. My first steps were on the Polish RPG server called ''Totalnie Polski RPG'' in English - Total Polish RPG. I played there for a long time, but on the side with my friends I tried to play the DayZ gamemode often. At the time these were the main servers I've played. I spent a long time there because almost 2 years, later I played with friends we wanted to feel more fun in this game. Then it was one step further, Twisted Gamers was my first server when it came to such servers so I played very often Shooter/Fun maps with my real/in-game friends from DayZ it was really good. Later on I just started looking around into different arenas. I just found the interesting Deathmatch mode, that's where my career began. I was too far behind with the level of players so I started to learn maps in the training arena. But still I was looking for other servers of this type and found again Polish server called Całkowicie Polski Server DM/DD/Shooter abbreviated CPS. I spend a lot of my free time there almost 1 year. I played with my step-brother Flash later we found another server called almost the same as my first RPG server but however it's called ''Treningowy Polski Server'' also there we inspired to do DM maps. I started mapping career my volume 1 then I asked a lot of people about to do a feat map. I was very happy, mapping made me happy until now. One day I met a new friend AquiL with whom I worked on a map with my brother. We all interested in one clan ''Riders of Heart'', we wrote both join requests over there. After a week we got accepted status, it was August of 2014 we started a play the first clan wars. One member inspired me to learn to play a hunter. It was Safone he played awesome and I really liked this guy. A few weeks later I've got a leader. I was managing this clan with Asus and Second. I really liked it but in February 2015 I left the clan with my brother. We played a while without any tags. Suddenly he noticed a clan called the eP! Elite Players, we were very curious. So we started playing on their server, and after a few weeks we made there join request. We waited a month to receive up surprised us and we accepted there. Elite Players had a very good Multigamemode server we had a lot of players that we loved. We sat there for a long time. I left that family in September of the same year. After a few weeks the clan was closed. I got an invitation from my good friend Mystic to the clan to lead the team with him I agreed. We've opened Empire Street Riders together, clan was the reactivation after a few years. But then we changed name to Eccentrics Street Racers because we had a war with #ER| Empire Riders they didn't agree with the name of our. Whole team was banned on their server. But we made up somehow recently I left the EsR! in 2016 it was January/February if I remember and the next day Mystic closed clan and ended the story. After this incident I played quite a long time without any clan. Later, I joined Xtreme Pro Racers and there I nolifed so hard especially for clan wars. Later on with my departure from |-XpR-| in September 2016 the project of reactivation Elite Players took off and after a few weeks we reactivated the old clan under the leadership of Martis. My best times with that family and everything wasn't going well and yesterday Elite Players was closed. Have you been in any other clans?: I have been in 4 different clans: RoH// - Riders Of Heart eP! - Elite Players (twice) EsR! - Empire Street Riders |-XpR-| - Xtreme Pro Racers What are your expectations in Sixth Sense?: I expect a pleasant atmosphere from which I'll have fun also in my point of view also there must be cooperation between each of the members. I can mention here organization which should be very good and the whole group should be motivated to lead the clan to success so as not to disappoint the community gathered until now. I also expect acceptance my voice when there is a discussion on an important topic. How would you be useful to us?: For sure I can be very helpful in all things, especially in management the clan wars or every events. I've a lot of experience in this.. Also I would mention in the effective preparation for DM/WFF clan wars in that I can be very useful there. I've some good qualities such as: well-organized, raised, reliable, confident and always aiming to great tasks. I assure everyone that I always offer assistance in any situation as soon as it comes. Something more to add: Conctacts: Skype - SyKu018i Steam - Saiko-Fan E-Mail - Warmest greetings, sYKu
  6. Final Score (|6s - [MAD]) 79-61 MVP: FiNN
  7. The thread has been updated btw just a few minutes before clanwar start I'll write, send you the IP of our server. See ya!
  8. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Clanwar information: Clan name & tag: Mafioso Auto Drivers, [MAD] Clan Website: MAD's forum Type of gamemode: Deathmatch Server: Elite Players DM Clanwar Server Date & Time: 19.08.2017, 19:00 CEST Maps: 10 (5 maps picked by each clan and played twice during the clanwar) Rounds: 20 Amount of Players: 5 vs. 5 Referees: @Marque --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Participants' Information: Elite Players Maps: Sealine feat XzibiT - Adrenalinee PuRe 2 Andro volume 8 - Unmissable NitroN feat FakeDeath - Phenomenal D0GGy feat sYKu - Sincere Cookie feat Gteatero - Deepforces Mafioso Auto Drivers Maps: Gus volume 7 - Needed Skill Console volume 4 - Eternal Nightmare AbodyRulez volume 6 - Seven Deaths SilverF0X volume 3 - Ember BreAkeR volume 8 - Spectrum --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Best Regards, Elite Players Team
  9. Hello everyone, after a long break we are back to the clan wars. Today we played against Empire of Riders. I would like to thank #ER| for challenging us. We played the game without our few main players that, but we gave the opportunity to new/reserve players to shine and they did very well. The start of the half was very interesting since it we had 3-2 lead only. We were slightly worried of our opponent, but after that we were passing a majority of the maps flawlessly, which resulted in a 7-3 lead for Elite Players after first half. In the second half we did not expect such one-sided half. All 10 maps were won by Elite Players, so the WFF clan war ended in a convincing win with a 17-3 scoreline for Elite Players. Once again I would like to thank Empire of Riders, it was a great match without any argues. Feel free to request a rematch whenever you want, hopefully we will meet once again in the future. I have prepared statistical data as the whole of our game against Empire of Riders. Congratulations to Elite Players: Miha Madlife FoXiK AleX d1Kuba HaxZoR Positiv Gonzalez and also Wanz - who played the last map Special thanks to our referee: Robert_M MVP's: sYKu (Elite Players) Miha (Elite Players) Best Regards, sYKu
  10. If anyone you are interested, feel free to come on our clanwar server. mtasa://
  11. Kalkbrenner ft. sYKu - Odyssey