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  1. uff aR wtf you didnt lead aR at all dont lie
  2. Make an arena without hdm shit and i will play here
  3. gl men :1
  4. Because of players running in 1 vs 1 we cant have a dm cw without having to play 6 hours : D
  5. Your sister Whats your favourite car
  6. exactly
  7. Nickname:Valentino Real name:Valentino Date of birth: 08/20/1997 Country and city: Argentina, Bahia Blanca Contact info: Skype: valentinomta Previous clan(s): xn ar and a lot more Why do you want to join us?: because i wanna join mad How can you contribute to us?: just having me in your member list its a contribution Tell us more about yourself: (optional) i like to play mta
  8. YEAAAH NICE V10 DARMOS <3 WFF25 HYPE WE GONNA HAVE EOS 1 EOS 2 EOS 3 EOS 4 AND 10 MAPS FROM DARMOS BEST MAPLIST <333333 Tampoco te la creas pelotudo que sean mas jugados no es lo mismo que le gusten mas sino vas a terminar como estos mogolicos
  9. nice v9 darmos
  10. I guess you dont know dogzone
  11. Wow why this its allways the same when you lose? only happens with 6s cws i have never seen another cw manager crying so much everytime he lose in any cw and i have been playing this game for 7 years already, please 6s change this guy and get a better cw manager just an advice :>