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  1. Make an arena without hdm shit and i will play here
  2. gl men :1
  3. Because of players running in 1 vs 1 we cant have a dm cw without having to play 6 hours : D
  4. Your sister Whats your favourite car
  5. exactly
  6. Nickname:Valentino Real name:Valentino Date of birth: 08/20/1997 Country and city: Argentina, Bahia Blanca Contact info: Skype: valentinomta Previous clan(s): xn ar and a lot more Why do you want to join us?: because i wanna join mad How can you contribute to us?: just having me in your member list its a contribution Tell us more about yourself: (optional) i like to play mta
  7. YEAAAH NICE V10 DARMOS <3 WFF25 HYPE WE GONNA HAVE EOS 1 EOS 2 EOS 3 EOS 4 AND 10 MAPS FROM DARMOS BEST MAPLIST <333333 Tampoco te la creas pelotudo que sean mas jugados no es lo mismo que le gusten mas sino vas a terminar como estos mogolicos
  8. nice v9 darmos
  9. I guess you dont know dogzone
  10. Wow why this its allways the same when you lose? only happens with 6s cws i have never seen another cw manager crying so much everytime he lose in any cw and i have been playing this game for 7 years already, please 6s change this guy and get a better cw manager just an advice :>
  11. Msiiii ++++ bardo time
  12. Name of the map : el mapa de valentino Author : valentino only
  13. Andate a la mierda stolen hijo de puta nunca nadie te juno de los latinos por eso te tuviste que cambiar el nombre la concha de tu hermana
  14. We love the pros V? Nice map