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  1. Great map, love it, good job guys!
  2. Dayum..
  3. @Optic, @Zeke, @Swiftuska!, @d1kuba, @Faber, @tony @Optic Ayy, lets invite whole old fH- clan and make a party lmao
  4. Thanks for sharing NitroN, wish you merry X-Mas and Happy New Year as well!
  5. Holy.. That look so amazing and it's only 2/4 of the whole 2.0.0 my god, can't wait for more.. Great job!
  6. Will miss you Pikatsu, good luck in life bro!
  7. Holy shit, another awesome clanwar, good luck guys!
  8. Good job guys! It would be awesome to watch some films with clanmates and other guys. Also I can't wait to watch replays how am I failing or get a lucky stunt
  9. Yeah, it was really enjoyable and fair clanwar, hope we will play it again!
  10. Awesome job guys the scoreboard idea is so amazing.. Keep it up boys, can't wait for more sneak peeks
  11. Good luck both teams, can't wait for it!