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  1. skilledo mep delete this pls jk tangy records <3
  2. Wonderful! I love your way of mapping.
  3. xddddd
  4. What's your name, nickname(s), age and location?: My real name is Lucas , mostly known as Xizen in game and I am 18 years old from Brazil. What are the most significant parts of your MTA career?: I’ve been playing MTA since 2011 in some random clans which I really don’t remember their name. If I’m not wrong a friend of mine invited me to play on his server for fun, after all It basically taught me alot ( Since the the way of controlling the vehicle till the lessons in life ) . I have enjoyed alot with my friends. I wasn’t really worried about clans or what so ever. I was there to have my fun. After some time playing the game I meet alof of famous people ( half of them invited me to play in FFS and also TG ) . I really wasn’t aware of how big it was , neither do I see anybody talking about these two servers before. Well a friend of mine called Seexy invited me to play in FFS. Damn I was amaze because I really didnt know how big it was, but I was there just to play with friends and nothing more. After a while Seexy has decided to create a clan called TSW. It was one of the biggest regarding to Clan Wars, we were really a beast. We had clan wars and as far as I know I never lost any of them. Sadly as any new community , we had have lost the fun with the clan itself, players were leaving the clan and Seexy wasn’t worried about something serious either. I didn’t mind that much because I was playing for fun. I was thinking to leave this game because it went bad somehow. I decided to continue my carrer playing in differents server ( most of them brazilians one ). I stayed clanless for a long time and then decided to join in friend’s clan, not taking any seriousness though. I applied to TG this year, after a couple tries and dedication they accepted me, I stayed there for around 5 months then I decided to leave. Have you been in any other clans?: Tsw The Speed Warriors .5 Five Team TG Twisted Gamers What are your expectations in Sixth Sense?: Firstly I expect a big team inside with responsible and friendly members. I am expectating a position which allow me to creatively generetate new ideas ande deal closely with people. I personally prefer to inspire and motivate people rather than control them. I expect 6s giving me the opportunity to prove that I changed my personality. How would you be useful to us?: I consider myself being useful in any position that there is free onto the clan. Most of you might have noticed my skills with hunter are pretty decent and it’d somehow help the clan with clan wars. Nevertheless I could also help with events and I gotta help people in whatever with the experience I got during my carrer. As experience with forum aswell, I would manage it, related to any thing and any subject there is, such as reports, ideas and supporting the team itself. There are more things I’d state but I rather doing it being admin of the server. Wondering yourself, how do we accept a hacker ? I'm here to prove you that I'm not the same person as I used to be in the past. I really feel sad whenever I join a server and everyone start calling me hack.. Worse than that ? Getting banned for such reason. I am trying to do my best , I want to prove everyone I changed my behaviour, I'm not that toxic player nor using any kind of hacking as before. As I said , poeple change, world change. I want to apology everyone for what I have done, If you really felt offended, I'm really sorry, my bad. I'm a cool guy as most of you have noticed.
  5. pg pls
  6. Looks good sir.nao song name?
  7. Ta ficando bom o menino
  8. ft me bls ZoiloTV? wtf
  9. Ta nice arrombado
  10. dat record lol, Nice map gj