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  1. Nickname:Xizen^ Serial: F3DFC4629070ECE2767DB7708E30B093 Time of ban/mute: 1 Month Reason of punishment:Cheating How long have you been punished for?: 1 week I know this is shameful doing an unban request when you're banned due to cheating. I'm not gonna lie and forge an excuse about what happened. I admit, I used fps bug to achieve toptimes, right after the ban, it tooks hours to realize my mistakes and I know that I was wrong. Today I am feeling regretful about everything I did, not only in 6s, but in other communities that I used this bug. unban ai tiw
  2. fps 41? kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk to gravando video para minhas gameplay em breve no meu canal xizenmta
  3. Nickname: Xizen'~' Background; Hunter Signature or Avatar? Signature Other informations: - Font?: do what you think best.