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Found 2 results

  1. Dear 6s Community Today I will show u some tips about recording to make your videos sweet. Resolutions - use 16:9 (1280x720 / 1600x900 / 1920x1080 About this setting, Im using this for recording. If you have stronger PC you can put FX quality higher and also put volumetric shadow (looks better), same for AF and AA. Heat haze and grass effect makes game a bit weird so u dont need to use it. Tools First of all u have to put your upgraded RACE to hide (time left, bars, map name, this race is ok for me and dont lag) replace in / server/ mods/ deathmatch/ resources/ [gamemodes]/ [race] Secodly Ultrathing/ENB This make your game more sweet. UT for Nvidia users (v0.28) UT v0.26 ENB by Badnick ENB#2 (For weak PC) ENB configurator ENB Combined with UT Shaders Shader Detail HQ and makes objects more detailed Water Shader Pack made by Tino, choose what u like. Warp Saver J - Save, K - Load, you can save your position where u want. Distancer This tool allows you to see objects for bigger distance. MRT aka Rectool - Hides radar,chat and clouds. - you can disable damage of car by "Damage proof ***** - Change colors of car, nitro, sky, water or change wheels Camera Tool by Zenos This tool allows you to make clean shots of map. (All recorders use it for intro of maps) Here is video how use it Software for recording - I´m using for recording Fraps, the newest one. - Nvidia users can use ShadowPlay - I tried many others softwares like Bandicam, D3Dgear, Action, etc.. but still Fraps is the best for me. Software for Editing As almost everyone I started with Sony vegas, this tool teachs you basics with effects, render etc. I recommended use this software for a while and move to Adobe after effects. After effects is way better for editing, its more professional, there is tons of effects and you can create them a well. In compare with Sony vegas its totally another world for me. If you work with AAE some time enhance it by Video copilots (twitch, particles, plexus etc..) - Sony vegas - Teach basics - Adobe after effects - Great software with lot of choices - Boujou + Cinema4D - for 3D text - To make cool quality you can use Magic Bullet Looks In next I can show you some tips or tutorial in Adobe after effects. I hope I helped you in something, if you have some Question dont be shy and ask me Best regards, Exade In case of failure some link, full pack - CLICK ME SEXIBOI!
  2. Hello guys! This is a list of Sixth Sense LoL players. I'd appreciate it if you fill out the form written below and we can have some fun together! 1. Nick in LoL: 2. Region: 3. Your current division: EU Nordic & East Bledragon (Silver IV) Hemistry (Gold V) EvilSwarm (Bronze III) EU West KikoHaas (Silver III) Frellend (Diamond V) arfni (Unranked) Synthec (Silver II) koolaids (Gold V) AmrouxXx (Platinum IV) n30xTV (Gold IV) OG Flare (Platinum V) xi jeez ix (Platinum IV) Royal Olibear (Gold I) unn1x (Gold V) Renox96 (Unranked) xByTaSo (Silver III) xTheGamesx (Platinum II) TimeGazer (Unranked) Turkey Annesiz solo (Unranked) Latin America South Snip3rkill3r (Platinum III) Latin America North TMChein (Silver IV) Brazil Berbigão (Gold V) Oceania Note: Click in the names and you will be able to see his profile at the forum.